10 Must Have Electronic Gadgets To Start 2021 With!

10 Must Have Electronic Gadgets To Start 2021 With!

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It’s already 2021 and we simply cannot let you enter the New Year without telling you about these 10 Must-Have Electronic Gadgets that intend to make your life more simpler and convenient. At Yaantra, we believe in bettering our customers’ lives by making sure their broken electronic gadgets receive the best repair and service facilities. It’s nothing unheard of how technology is constantly shaping up to our realities and shifting trends like wildfire.

One day you hear about commercial flights to space and on others, you hear about how a scarcity of water in a village in India led to the invention of a low-budget yet effective water treatment system that cleans unclean water and makes it fit for drinking. These are the times when technology is really shaping up to be a guiding light, a solution to most of mankind’s inadequacies. We agree it’s hard to stay up-to-date with technological advancements in this day and age but that’s where we come in.

You can spend your time and money on all sorts of things but forget to invest in electronic gadgets that really step-up your standard of living, making your life flow much more smoothly than ever before. This is why we’ve prepared for you a list of 10 hand-picked electronic gadgets that we believe are essential for everyone to possess. These make your life simpler, your work easier, and show you the importance of your time, by saving it. Go ahead, have a look, and decide for yourself!

Tile – Finding Made Easy

How many times have you wondered where you left your house keys, your car keys, sometimes even your wallet? Yes, we’re talking about that mini heart-attack you get when you can’t find something so important. Tile is one product we highly recommend if you’re also one of those people to whom forgetting things comes naturally. It’s a state-of-the-art Bluetooth tracker that locates your belongings up to 200 ft (61m) – 400 ft (122m), depending upon which model you decide to buy.

It’s equipped with a loud ring which can be heard from far away or if it’s lost somewhere even further, all you need to do is simply track it on the Tile App on your phone, it’s literally that easy. Why we recommend this product is because of how useful and handy it is while maintaining a lovely aesthetic to its design. Tile Trackers are sleek and easily attachable to all your belongings without adding any excessive weight. There’s a limited edition drop right now on the website where you decide which color pattern you want (PS. the whole range of limited edition designs are drop-dead gorgeous!).

You even have the liberty to customize the color pattern of your Tile Tracker on special request to the company and make it uniquely yours. When you’re far away from your belongings with the tracker on it, you can see the last time and place it was updated on your mobile phone through the Tile  App. Most importantly and probably one of the most reassuring features of the product, if your device is truly lost i.e. it’s nowhere to be found in the range mentioned above, all you need to do is tap ‘Notify When Found’ on the App.

Then every phone running theTile App will anonymously help you find your lost belongings with the tracker on it, now that’s true dedication to finding your precious belongings. If you’re somebody who thinks this is a product worth investing in, we’d tell you that you’re absolutely right. Go ahead, take a look and decide for yourself whether you want in or you’d rather waste precious hours in 2021 searching for something that you accidentally forgot or misplaced. The choice is yours!

Earbuds – The Earphone Revolution

Ear Buds
Ear Buds

It’s 2021 and this is the year you step-up your earphone game for real. Gone are the times when people used to buy wired earphones and wired headsets, since then there have been major technological upgrades in the personal music listening game. Although wireless Bluetooth headphones have been available in the market for a long while now, wireless Bluetooth Earphones or simply, Earbuds are super in-trend these days and are worth the hype. Earbuds were first produced by a Japanese company named Onkyo and named them Onkyo W800BT. But it can truly be termed as a revolution when big players like Apple, Google, Boat, OnePlus, Samsung, Hammer, and others entered the business.

Apple Airpods are one of the most well-known pairs of Earbuds around the world. ‘Do I really need wireless earphones?’, is one question you need to ask yourself but if your question is ‘Why do I need Earbuds?’, that’s one question we’d be happy to answer. Gone are the days when we spent our time untangling infinite loops and figuring out combinations to unknot the ever frustrating wires of our earphones, when we can spend that time listening to something valuable, saving our time and more importantly, our peace of mind.

Earbuds are handy, they require less space and are compatible with every device since it connects through Bluetooth and doesn’t require a certain type of port on the device designed especially for it as the wired earphone does. It just makes life so much simpler and in such troubled, chaotic times, isn’t simple and easy-to-use exactly what we need? Agreed, many of you think that since Earbuds are wireless and have been endorsed majorly by a high-end luxury brand like Apple, they must also be heavy on the pocket. Which is where you’re wrong! Wireless Earbuds aren’t that expensive.

Trusted companies like OnePlus, Boat, and others have come out with much more affordable and premium quality alternatives ranging anywhere from Rs. 1300 to Rs 5000 which is definitely believed to be value for money for the kind of product you receive. Trust us and treat yourself with a pair of quality Earbuds this New Year 2021.

Fitness Tracker – Track Every Movement

Fitness Tracker
Fitness Tracker

Every New Year, a massive number of the population on this planet makes their New Year’s Resolution about or around Fitness & Weight. A whopping 38% of the people who make resolutions every year dedicate it to fitness. Only for us to wonder why fitness is such a big movement, why there is a visible change in the people’s attitude towards weight & fitness in recent years and what are some devices that can help them achieve their goals.

It’s common knowledge that a human being is wired in a way that motivates him to become a better version of themselves in some form or the other and getting fit and living a fit lifestyle is one such stepping stone in the journey of growth. A Fitness Tracker is a small yet purposeful device that helps you stay on track and monitor your growth at all times. It’s scientifically proven and backed by research that monitoring your day to day physical activities can drastically affect your health.

A Fitness Tracker is nothing more than a reminder on your wrist that keeps you motivated and pumped for more. In such busy times, we understand how hard it can get to adhere to a solid fitness regime and keep track of your movement all day long. A Fitness Tracker does all that for you and much more. It provides you with exciting workout plans, new physical activities you can do while keeping in mind what your fitness goal is. Another major reason why a Fitness Tracker is highly recommended in 2021 is that it also monitors all your health vitals. From your Heart Rate to Daily Burned Calories to Step Count, it records it all and lets you know immediately if something is wrong.

In all its entirety, it’s a beautiful piece of technology to own. True, good Fitness Trackers like FitBit are a bit expensive but there are many cheaper alternatives available in the market now which are light on the pocket. Although, if you think in-depth about it, a Fitness Tracker is more of an investment than just a simple purchase, so try looking at them through the lens of personal investment. Highly recommended! 

Smart WatchChange The Way You Look At Time


In this era of digitization, the world is moving towards taking basic objects of day to day use and digitizing them for the better. One such example is the digitization of watches and not just to the level of digital watches but an electronic device that connects to your phone and helps you manage your digital life much more easily, known to the world as Smart Watches. And it’s brilliant. The convenience of having notifications and messages from your phone sent to a device set on your wrist is absolutely brilliant.

Apart from showing the correct time no matter which country or time-zone you’re in, Smart Watches are equipped with the best of features that don’t let you feel the need to engage with your mobile phones unless something’s of extreme importance which in turn can be proved extremely helpful in saving time that’s wasted pointlessly surfing from app to app on your phones. Not only that, some Smart Watches even help monitor your health vitals like Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Step Count accurately.

It monitors your sleep and notifies you of your sleeping patterns so you can sleep better knowing how your body works at night. Apart from its technological aspects, a SmartWatch on your wrist speaks volumes about you. It’s a symbol of being self-invested, well-to-do, and simply looks super cool! The SmartWatch game is dominated by big tech companies like Apple, Motorola, Samsung, and Fitbit but slowly established watch companies like Fossil, Titan, Diesel have started coming out with Smart Watches that you can buy without compromising on the quality.

Regardless of what your budget for a SmartWatch might be, we would urge you to invest whatever amount you can and buy one for yourself since such watches have a low starting cost, starting from Rs. 2500 (Boat Storm Smart Watch) and only goes up from there. However, please keep in mind that a SmartWatch isn’t to replace your mobile phone, it is only to assist it and compliment it in a way that makes your life more convenient. 

Laptop – The Mid Sized Screen


There’s nothing new about Having a Laptop in the year 2021 but what it is, is extremely essential having a laptop to work on. It’s the perfect size to do all your work, watch videos/movies, and surf the internet with the convenience of being portable, keeping you connected wherever you are and wish to go. What might scare off some people when buying the perfect Laptop for them is the sheer amount of technical knowledge and attention to detail that is required before making the purchase.

Terms like RAM, Processor, HDD, SSD, Graphics Card and Display Size amongst others might sound scary at first, but trust us, all these parts are easy to learn about and once you do learn about them, it makes the whole process less time-consuming and more fruitful since you’re then able to make better, informed choices. It’s the coming together of all these elements in perfect harmony that makes your own Laptop unique. There are various types of Laptops available in the market depending upon the user requirements. Some of them are Gaming Laptops, Ultrabooks, Notebooks, MacBook, Netbook, Chromebook amongst others.

Some of the many leading Operating Systems in the whole wide world are MS-Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Linux, and ChromeOS. Another reason to invest in Laptops is that they also boast of a better screen display quality than other electronic devices with screens and are known to last for years, unlike mobile phones and tablets that are declared outdated once devices with better tech and built are announced. Almost all Laptops are upgradable in terms of software and hardware as well as being customizable. Hence one can make changes in the core functioning of the device and suit it according to their needs.

A Laptop isn’t just a luxury, it has become a vital part of every organization’s workings. Unlike a desktop, a Laptop can swiftly be switched on and off as one wishes and can be carried in-hand everywhere. We know you’re partly convinced, do yourself a favor and purchase a Laptop as per your needs and we can guarantee your life’s about to get way smoother and efficient

Portable Speakers – Carry Your Music Wherever You Go

Portable Speaker

Long gone are the days when carrying a speaker meant carrying huge music boxes that weighed a ton and required wiring and a must-have power source wherever you went. Life’s become much simpler and much more fun ever since Portable Speakers have entered the market. They’re usually lightweight, don’t require excessive wiring, have a good connectivity range, and cast light on the pocket, all while dishing out high-quality music on high volumes, if that isn’t the pinnacle of the music revolution then what is?

Portable Speakers are available in all shapes and sizes ranging from very low prices going up to extremely high prices as well. These days everyone seems attracted towards a minimal form of lifestyle. People desire a small yet aesthetic amount of personal belongings and a Portable Speaker is a perfect fit. Whether it’s when you’re cooking your favorite meal and you need your favorite tunes to jam to or it’s after a long and hectic day that you’re taking a relaxing shower or even if you’re hosting an outdoor garden/terrace party and need a little something to set the vibe, such a device comes in handy for all occasions.

It fits perfectly wherever you put it and compliments your energy however you want. A Portable Speaker is one of our highly recommended electronic gadgets to have in 2021 and with the technology that’s coming in these days along with the options available in the market, we’re sure you’d be able to find the perfect device for your use as per your requirements and budget. Some leading names in the Portable Speaker game are JBL, Bose, Boat, Sony amongst others which constantly keep coming up with better models, better sound quality, compact sizes while maintaining the music quality to the maximum.

We wouldn’t ever suggest you purchase something we don’t entirely trust or we don’t use ourselves, which is why we strongly recommend you to get one for yourself. Start out with the basic ones that cost anywhere under Rs 3000 and let us know whether it’s something you totally adore or not! It’s 2021 you guys, what’re you still waiting for?

Kindle – The Book Lives On


A revolution in the printed book industry came with the invention of the Kindle, an Amazon initiative to digitize the very books we read. If you’re unaware about this mammoth of an invention, don’t you worry, we’re here to tell you all about it. Kindle is somewhat of a tablet but totally different from it as well. What is similar between the two is their size and dimensions. A Kindle is primarily and solely used for reading books and storing them in one place. Most importantly, Kindle doesn’t strain your eyes the way you think it might, it’s equipped with a ‘Reading Mode’ which lets you read for hours at a stretch without causing any harm to your eyes.

According to a survey, the average human reads around 732 books in their entire lifetime which comes down to around 12 books a year and that’s just what the average human reads, some read less and many read more, way more. Now imagine the space these books will take once you keep buying them and storing them in your house. Also in case you’re traveling and decide to take a book along, some books are either too broad to be carried or they don’t fit in with your luggage resulting in damaged books and nobody wants damaged books.

A Kindle solves all these problems in a second and even makes you look cool, who thought reading books could make you look cool. You can buy e-books online and read them directly from your Kindle, this way you can read any book you want while not worrying about where to store them, since Kindle has the space to store thousands of books in one place at a time, making it easier to surf from one book to another as well. Many might argue that there’s no substitute to having a book in your hand and reading it, keeping bookmarks in-between pages and folding edges to save insightful learnings for future reading, which in all its entirety, is true.

But we adapt to changing times, and if there’s a device that saves your space, your time, your money (since ebooks are cheaper than paperbacks and hardcovers), is portable with an aesthetically appealing design, has a long battery life, and lets you read for hours at long without straining your eyes, you’d have to be out of your mind not to invest in it. It’s probably the best gadget investment for avid readers and learners around the world!

Hard Drive – A Backup Storage Device

It’s 2021 already and data is the new gold. But where do we store such big heaps of data? That’s where an external Hard Drive comes into play. Usually overlooked by some people, Hard Drives are actually the reason behind where data in form of written content, video content, documents amongst other things are stored for future use or even safekeeping. A lot of times our laptop or desktop’s storage space runs out even though initially, we had a lot of space, but over time this free empty space runs out and we’re bound to purchase Hard Drives for storing our valuable data.

A Hard Drive is a hardware component that stores all your digital content and keeps it safe and secure. A Hard Drive can be both internal and external and everything on it is measured in terms of its size or space it occupies in the Hard Drive. Since it is used to store files of massive sizes, Hard Drives have a massive storage capacity, ranging anywhere from 100 GB to 10 TB and some may have even larger storage ability depending upon the type of work it is used for. Another reason to purchase a Hard Drive other than just storing and safekeeping important files and documents is that a Hard Drive can also be used as a back-up storage device.

Many times, our laptops/desktops crash due to some internal errors and need formatting in order to work properly again. This leads to a major loss of one’s data and digital belongings, be it personal photos and videos, important documents, essential work files which can prove catastrophic. Hence a Hard Drive is essential in maintaining a back-up option for all your digital possessions. Some trusted names in the Hard Drive business are Seagate, Toshiba, Western Digital amongst other names, and vary in price depending upon the size of the Hard Drive.

Hard Drives with higher storage capacity are more expensive than those with less storage capacity, the cost of the Hard Drive also depends upon the company manufacturing it. Go search the web and let us know which Hard Drive you purchased!

VR Headsets – A Sneak Peek Into The Future

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of a VR Headset or a Virtual Reality Headset? The fact that it’s super cool! It’s mind-blowing really to think that we live in a time where Virtual Reality is no more a thing of the future, it’s in the Now and we have the liberty to experience it. A VR Headset can open so many doors for you mentally and give you such vivid experiences that will surely leave a lasting impression on you for a long time and its benefits are unparalleled.

One can make use of VR in almost all spheres of life and help others learn through it. Kids can make use of VR to learn deeply about the concepts taught to them in school or otherwise by intentionally shaping their own reality through a virtual medium. It’s one thing to learn about something and it’s another to experience it which is what a VR is capable of offering. In addition to providing students with immersive learning experiences, it also opens up a range of possibilities and creative thoughts, putting the kids’ imagination to full use.

One of the most common and popular uses of a VR Headset is in gaming. Sony has come up with the Playstation VR which is a  segment of the popular gaming console’s VR edition. The same is with Samsung’s Oculus VR Gaming System, both these consoles are specially designed to dominate the upcoming VR scene in gaming and they’re making huge sales and receiving positive feedback for it. VR games are also a big hit, with VR shooting games, survival games, and much more.

It’s a completely different world out there once you put on your VR Headsets and immerse yourself completely into the games you’re playing or the movies/videos you’re watching. It’s a personal experience like no other and you can’t miss out on experiencing this which is the sole reason it’s on our must-have list of gadgets in 2021!

Power Bank – The Battery On-The-Go

Power Bank
Power Bank

How many times have you had to hurriedly ask someone for a charger when your mobile phone is at a low battery? Don’t even answer this, we know it’s a lot. It’s 2021 and we don’t think there’s any gadget better than a simple Power Bank for all your emergency battery needs. As the name suggests, it’s a bank, a storage device that holds extra batteries for your future battery needs. It’s a common everyday situation where you’re phone’s at a low battery and you don’t have the time to charge your phone with a charger since you’re running out of time or when you go somewhere out and need the exact same charger to charge your almost dead phone battery and you’re lucky if you get one somehow but that’s not usually the case.

Usually what happens is that your phone goes dead and then you start to panic, trying to find a charger and texting people who’d possibly be contacting you from other people’s phones, it’s all so hectic. Why not just keep a simple and effective Power Bank on you at all times. It’s sleek, comparatively light to carry, and a good quality Power Bank can charge your phone multiple times before it runs out of battery. Not just your mobile phones, maybe you have a wireless speaker or a wireless earphone that needs charging, you can charge everything on-the-go with one compact yet super useful device.

All you need is one cable that fits all your electronic gadgets along with a Power Bank and you’re good to go. It proves itself useful the most during trips and holidays when you don’t have an adequate amount of time to keep your phone charged all the time. You can carry it around with you wherever you go, just make sure to keep it charged. If needed, one can charge multiple devices from just one Power Bank since it has multiple charging USB sockets in-built. And for god’s sake, please stop asking other people for their power banks, it’s frustrating and we’re speaking from personal experience! Get your own, probably ranging from around 3500 mAh to 10000 mAh, which is good enough for personal use and go care-free wherever you want!

These are some of our top-recommended electronic gadgets to start the New Year with. We hope we’ve helped you make better, more informed gadget choices in 2021 and in turn made your life much simpler. Do let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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