10 Reasons Why You Need Professional Repair Services

10 Reasons Why You Need Professional Repair Services

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Smartphones and tablets are two highly portable and robust pieces of technology. Everyone carries them and is dependent on them to carry forward their day to day requirements. These devices are really light in weight and people carry them in their pockets & hand bags literally everywhere they go! These devices have made our lives simpler but because they are delicate and are prone to develop hardware & software fault which needs to be addressed immediately by experts.

DIY repair, repair conducted by watching tutorials and reading repair guides will be helpful if the fault is minor. Certified experts at Yaantra always recommend seeking professional assistance if the fault is complex, or the device needs to be reinstalled completely or the fault is related to motherboard or any other essential component.

Here are 10 reasons why you should handover your smartphone/tablet only to professional repair experts:

  • Expertise: All the phones and tablets feature a complex circuit underneath which shouldn’t be operated or accessed without proper knowledge and necessary tools.
  • Complex Circuit: Mobile circuit is complex, interconnected and comprises delicate components that might get damaged or break if not accessed carefully.
  • Dedicated Labs to cater to Multiple Issues: There can be multiple causes that have led to a specific problem and it’s quite possible that you won’t be able to detect and address all the causes with regular tools that you have at home.
  • Right Technology: You do not have the right tools and right technology. Some devices can be opened simply by pulling out the back panel or unscrewing some bolts, but some devices need to be heated in a certain manner & at certain temperature to open.
  • Certified Experts: You are not trained to repair. There are certain skills and certain set of guidelines that you don’t possess because you are not certified to execute the repair job.
  • Approach & Mechanism: There are many cases when we try to repair a component and end up damaging other components. If you reach out to the experts you will eliminate all chances of damaging other parts of the phone because they have the skills and expertise to execute the repair work.
  • Warranty: When you perform the repair work by consulting online tutorial and repair guides you cannot access the quality of work. At Yaantra, we offer warranty repair services and make sure that the fault gets repaired once and for all.
  • Genuine & Fake Products: Markets are flooded with duplicate spare parts and it’s very difficult to identify the original among them. We at Yaantra, source all the spare parts from trusted sources and they are 100% genuine.   
  • Complex Issues: components like motherboard, SIM slot, battery slot and camera are very delicate and demands expert intervention to carry out even minor repair work.
  • All Brand Repair under One Roof: Professional repair service providers don’t cater to just one brand they have repair services for all the branded smartphones and tablets. Such stores offer affordable repair services.

Yaantra is one such reputed repair name that offers a wide range of repair services for all branded mobiles and tablets. Our repair services come with repair warranty and are termed cost effective and reliable by the customers.

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