12 Tips to Keep Mobile Data Safe

12 Tips to Keep Mobile Data Safe

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Is your mobile data safe? We know that this question often worries you and it’s even more worrisome for those who are not technically competent. In today’s time when everything is going digital the crime has also made the leap of faith and has successfully turned digital, we now know it as cyber-crime. Cyber-crime is the modern way of encroaching into someone’s personal/virtual space with an intention to harm them. Cyber-crime includes data theft, hacking, cyber espionage, and financial thefts. A techno-geek can use his/her knowledge to peek into someone’s device and use the information if the device is free of any security hurdle.

Rest assured as the following blog offers you some easy tips and tricks to keep the mobile data secure:

Avoid using public Wi-Fi: Always connect to trusted devices and networks

Take a Back-Up: Take a backup of the data you have on your mobile/tablet as some viruses and malicious software can corrupt the files on your device. Make it a habit to take a backup every week or every month in case your phone does not support automatic backup.

Download or buy a reliable security software: Download highly reputed security software that is capable of detecting viruses and fixing them.

Update the OS: OS updates often come with smart bug fixes. Look out for the updates available for your OS and stay updated always.

Screen Protection: smartphones come with multiple screen protection features such as Password, PIN, and pattern. Using them we can keep the screen safe which is the most basic hurdle that needs to be crossed if one wishes to access the information.

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, Mobile Data when not in use: One must turn off Wi-Fi, Location, Bluetooth and Mobile Data when not in use as they make the system accessible for the tech experts with ill intentions.

Download Apps Cautiously: Download authentic apps and for that, you can use the links shared by the companies on their official website. While downloading an app do read before touching the “ACCEPT” or “I AGREE” Think before granting permission to apps. If a location or map-related app is asking to access your gallery then it’s of no use in such case you must deny them the access. Look closely at what you are sharing access and whether it’s required!

Keep your phone physically safe: Losing a phone now day’s means a lot as every password and every detail is on our phone.

Set up a strong password or biometric: Passwords that are a mix of alphabets, numbers and special characters are hard to crack. Avoid passwords like: ‘1234’, your birth date, your phone number etc. fingerprint

SIM Lock: SIM locks are highly secure. One should enable them in his/her smartphone in the form of a PIN number, so every time you try to connect to a network it will ask for the code and then grant you the access.

Install a reliable anti-virus app: Install a good anti-virus app that can detect viruses and fix them.

Encrypt your mobile data: Encryption is another trustworthy method to keep the mobile data secure. Encryption converts the mobile data into codes and these codes can be decoded only when the password is entered. Both iOS and Android phones offer this security feature and the best part is that it’s easy to enable and disable.

We at Yaantra, believe that these 12 tips will definitely help you in keeping your mobile data safe. Still, in case you come across any software error on your smartphone or tablet get in touch with our technicians as they can resolve any software issue. You can book our doorstep phone repair service.

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