5 Tips to take Good Photos from a Smartphone

5 Tips to take Good Photos from a Smartphone

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We all use smartphones more to take pictures and selfies than make calls! And if you are not good at it then this blog has been penned only for you! Today smartphone manufacturing companies focus on two components the most important one is a phone’s processor and the other is its camera. People use a phone’s camera to record videos, click pictures, and do everything that a pocket-sized digital camera could do. With every new launch, one gets many new features such as new filters, new editing options, high capacity lenses, enhanced zooming capacity, wide angle lenses and lots more. If you struggle to click perfect shots then here we have listed some simple tricks using which one can eliminate all the possible errors and get perfect pictures every time.

Here are some tips and tricks that can give you perfect shots from a smartphone:

  • Take Care of Lighting:

Every time when you are about to click a selfie or a picture just take a minute and find out the source of the light. It can be the sun, a tube light in the room or a window that is bringing more sunlight to a room than a tube light. Make sure that you never stand in the direction of sunlight, always face the source of light for better pictures.

  • Keep the Camera Still:

Camera shake is a common problem that most people face. One can use a tripod for better support. You can also rest your elbows on a flat surface or on your stomach or chest to avoid handshake and click better pictures.

  • Try HDR Mode & other Filters:

Camera filters are the unsung hero behind a great selfie or a picture! One can change the entire theme and background of a picture using a filter. These can give effects to the picture and at times hides the flaws and unwanted people in the frame.

  • Focus on Subjects:

It’s better to decide on the subjects that one wishes to capture. One cannot capture everything in the frame, deciding which subject is important and which can be left out can do wonders for your photography skills.

  • Use Editing Options:

Smartphone today come with inbuilt editing features that let you fix the lighting, crop the unwanted subjects from the frame, blur the flaws and do lots of interesting stuff. One can make an average looking picture a perfect picture in just a few clicks. HDR mode and multiple third-party editing applications can help you do the desired editing.

Taking good pictures is definitely an art but with a smartphone, one can click them smartly without being an expert. One can use the shared tricks to capture the priceless moments and selfies perfectly.  AI loaded smartphones are also an added advantage for people who are not good at clicking photos. AI induced mobile phones recognizes the subject as food, animal, human, landscape and more and automatically optimizes the lighting and overall theme of a picture.

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