6 Ways to Protect iPhone X from any Damage

6 Ways to Protect iPhone X from any Damage

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Buying an iPhone is an expensive affair and to get it repaired is furthermore expensive! So, you have got to take a very good care of it. iPhone X is literally all screen, the front panel has a 5.8inch super retina display that gets all the support from the stainless steel contouring around the edges. The front and back panel features a durable glass that adds to the elegant looks. iPhone X by Apple is a robust piece of technology and features a state-of-art design that demands a royal treatment.

Here are some ways to protect your most treasured possession and protect it from any possible damage!

  • Buy a Cover First & Don’t Drop It!

The best way to protect your brand new iPhone X from any type of damage is not to drop it! Because if you are good at not dropping your phone then you don’t need to read below! On a serious note after buying a phone the second thing that you must buy has to be a phone case. Markets are flooded with a variety of back covers & flip covers that are made using diverse materials like plastic, glass, silicon, leather and more. It’s important that you give preference to quality over looks while purchasing covers. Experts recommend silicone, polycarbonate, and carbon fiber cases over plastic and leather ones as they can withstand big impacts, are durable and offer the needed protection.

  • Invest in Screen Protectors

Because your iPhone X is all screen the chances of breaking or damaging it increases even after minor falls. It’s advisable to spend a few bucks on screen protectors to avoid cracks and breaks. One can opt for tempered glass, flip covers or screen guards to nullify the impact of falls or immersion in water.

  • Buy Insurance

Exclusive is Expensive! This stands true for iPhone X also. Repair of any component of iPhone is expensive and complete replacement will cost you even more. It’s better to buy insurance for your expensive phone. So in case you mess with it, you will still be covered.

  • 360 Degree Protective Covers

Today one gets myriad options to choose from when it comes to phone protection. The latest in the league is 360-degree temper protection for smartphones. You can literally seal the phone between two covers and protect it from all the unfortunate incidents. You can also opt for a padded leather case that absorbs the impact on falls.

  • Phone Covers & Accessories that Offer Better Grip

Another way to avoid falls and slips from your hands is to use phone ring stents or phone cases that offer a great grip on the phone. Covers that are made using non-slippery material like silicone offer better grip than those fancy plastic ones.

  • Read the Manual & Use Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning

Wiping a Phone’s screen is another form of OCD! Well, that’s a good thing, but cleaning the screen using a harsh cloth or using alcohol-based cleaners on the screen is not a good idea. You must go through the manual and do as it says on the cleaning part. It’s better to use a microfiber cloth for cleaning the screen. As far as iPhone X is concerned it’s got a water and dust resistant screen so you can relax a bit but cannot turn a blind eye towards it.

Now that you have so many ways to protect your iPhone X from any possible damage you can rest assured and use this most efficient and most advanced gadget in your hand! In case you still mess it up then YAANTRA is there to help you with its most reliable iPhone repair services. You can rely on us for all your smartphone needs!


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