All about NOTCH & BEZEL-LESS Screens

All about NOTCH & BEZEL-LESS Screens

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Evolution generally takes thousands of years but in case of smartphones, its taking place with every new launch! If we study the trends from last 5 years, we would notice that most of the modifications are observed in only one component of a smartphone and that’s its screen. Two years ago, we used to see changes in the screen type, for instance, there were TFT LCD, IPS LCD, OLED, AMOLED & Super AMOLED.  But, currently, the changes in the screen are intended to revamp the entire front panel and the enhancement of the display area. Notch screens and bezel-less screens are the latest terms associated with this phase of screen evolution. Both the terms are used interchangeably but there exists a thin line of difference that most people are unaware of. Scroll till the end to find out more about the two and their merits and demerits.

Let’s delve deeper into what bezel-less and notch screen means?

Bezel-less screen and notch screen are two technical terms that are used interchangeably at times, but they do not mean the same! Bezel in simpler terms refers to a protective casing that keeps the screen of a mobile phone or a wristwatch in position. In short, whatever you see besides the screen at the front panel is referred to as bezel. Notch, on the other hand, is a small stripe or a spot at the top of the screen that accommodates components like front camera, flash, sensors, speaker etc.

Smartphone manufacturers often claim that their smartphones are bezel-less but if we look closely no smartphone is completely bezel-less! Manufactures minimizes the width of the bezel from all the edges and starts calling them bezel-less smartphones, which is not true! It’s correct to say that they have minimized bezel size but incorrect to call it absolutely bezel-less! Apple with its latest iPhone X has offered its users a stylish alternative which is a notch screen. They have successfully managed to eliminate bezels to a great extent. Apple has folded the screen of iPhone X and made it go beneath the circuit, thereby making it almost bezel-less from 3 sides. Huawei, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Oppo, are also following the bandwagon and are working on the bezel-less and notch screen concept. All these brands have tasted success in eliminating bezels from the sides but bezels are still visible at the top and bottom of their premium segment smartphones. Vivo Apex, Vivo V9, Samsung S9, Samsung S9 Plus, and Xiaomi Mi Mix2 are a few examples of bezel-less and notch screen.

Difference between Bezel-less and Notch screen

Screens with less bezel comprise narrow stripes of bezels at the top or bottom of the phone which house speaker, MIC, sensors, fingerprint scanner, camera and other elements of the phone. Whereas, the notch screen have short bars or spots that hides all these components in a much compact and graceful manner. Notch screens offer more display area as compared to less-bezel screens.

Notch Screen vs Bezel Less Screen

Do you need bezels or is bezel-less/notch the new black!

Smartphone buyers and critics are divided into two segments on this bezel theory. Some believe that bezels are wasted space, while some consider it highly essential for screen protection. Those in favor of bezels put forward an argument that bezels prevent the glass or screen from minor dents and scratches that can occur due to accidental falls. While the other group feels that it’s a wasted space and claim that elimination of bezels will offer more immersive display plus, it will enhance it aesthetically. They also claim that it will improve one’s gaming and movie watching experience.

Pros of Bezel-less/Notch Screen

  • All screen edge to edge display
  • More space to maneuver
  • Improved gaming/movie watching experience
  • Better looks

Cons of Bezel-less/Notch Screen

  • More vulnerable to get damaged completely
  • More expensive
  • Features a complex mechanism
  • Screen replacement is the only option even for minor cracks

This is it about the bezel story, it’s going to be very exciting to see how bezel-less and notch screen will evolve in the future and how far the concept will flourish! You can buy refurbished bezel-less phones at at best market price with 6 months warranty and many additional benefits.

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