Are Refurbished Smartphones Any Worthy?

Are Refurbished Smartphones Any Worthy?

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In today’s world, a smartphone is an essential commodity that caters to every generation. From young children to older adults, all have their eyes scanning the screens and hands holding a rectangular box known as a cell phone. With the advent of technology, a smartphone has become a hugely productive tool. All the enormous tasks look clickable by just tapping the mobile screens.

The desire of having a smartphone that encompasses all the latest features comes with a heavy cost, which can have a huge impact on one’s wallet. The cost range starts from Rs.6000 and can go up to Rs.1 lakh. Not all of us are financially capable of having a smartphone that we desire. Buying high-end smartphones are getting expensive, people have to wait for a special sale or promotions to grab the smartphone they want. This is where the ‘Refurbished Phones’ step in to smoothen this hustle.

What is a Refurbished Mobile Phone?

“Pre-owned”, “Renewed”, “Reconditioned”, “Open Box” are some of the synonyms used to describe refurbished smartphones. In simple terms, refurbished mobile phones are returned, damaged, or broken phones that have been repaired and inspected. Repaired damage could be as simple as replacing a cracked screen, or cleaning and repairing a phone from severe water damage.

Many times there was nothing wrong with these refurbished phones even before they were repaired, the customer may have simply decided that they didn’t like it. In other cases, the refurbished phone may have had some kind of hardware problem or manufacturing defect, the phone can be fixed and sold again as a “Refurbished” item. 

New v/s Refurbished Phone 

Buying a mobile phone which fits the pocket is a tedious task. The price of mobile varies when we talk about all the products being offered in the market. The trendy ones that encapsulate the latest features hit high on the pocket, the buyer has to think twice before making an ideal choice. Buying a refurbished phone is an alternative for purchasing a brand new phone for different reasons.

Saves a lot of money: Refurbished phones are sold at discounted prices because once they are used, they cannot be sold or labeled as “New”. The cost saving is helpful if the phone gets lost, stolen, or malfunctioned unexpectedly when you don’t have the sufficient amount of money to buy a new one at a higher price. Therefore, opting for a refurbished phone is money-saving as compared to buying a brand new one. 

Easy to upgrade: Another great thing about refurbished mobile phones is that they can be easily upgraded. It makes the user stay hand in hand with the latest technology without planning to have a new phone with upgraded technology. 

No contract: In most cases, the buyer is unable to pay that much cash handy. The alternative is usually to sign a very lengthy contract and pay for it month to month, in addition to other bills. There are severe penalties and fines associated if one breaks the contract. At the end going for a refurbished phone seems a better option.

Reasons to Go For a Refurbished Phone

With the newer and better smartphones hitting the market almost every day, the customers are spoilt for choice. And also, with a hike in mobile prices, the choice becomes further complex. Refurbished mobile phones provide an alternative to it, which is worth exploring. Here are the reasons why you should consider buying a refurbished smartphone –

Affordability: Refurbished mobile phones are one of the best ways to save money and still get the newest model available. With smartphone prices climbing every year, saving money is a welcome change for those who are on a budget but still want a great phone. Refurbished iPhones and Android phones offer a significant discount from their brand new counterparts, making them affordable for the buyers.

Are Refurbished Smartphones Any Worthy?
Are Refurbished Smartphones Any Worthy?

Environment Friendly: The obsession with mobile phones is massively contributing to the generation of toxic electronic waste, which is poorly handled and discarded. Around 80-85% of a discarded mobile phone can be recycled. On the other hand, the remaining 15-20% of the waste is hard to recycle. The crushed plastic and evaporating metallic compounds end up as landfills or are tossed into nearby drains or waterways.

The plight of the environment is not hidden from our eyes, so, if you care about planet earth; then go for refurbished mobile phones. Opting for refurbished smartphones reduces carbon emissions and reduces the demand associated with building a new phone. Choosing a refurbished mobile phone will lower down the rate of carbon emissions that a new phone would produce and there will be reduced demands on resources.

Buying a refurbished device also means that you are potentially saving it from being wasted in a landfill. Therefore, if more and more people buy refurbished phones, it could have a major positive impact on the environment.

Assured Warranty: Refurbished mobile phones come with an assured warranty. This is important when the phone has some defects before and a warranty is the only protection, in case any issue pops up later. Yaantra offers a 12 months warranty on every refurbished mobile phone. If the phone you are going to buy doesn’t include a warranty, think twice before buying it.

Easy Returns: With the easy return policy the customers are relieved from the burden of a heavy return, which is a hassle among itself. The customers can easily return the refurbished smartphone if they face any issues in the future. Refurbished smartphones are better than used mobile phones or second-hand ones because they come with 36 quality checks and an easy return policy. Check out Yaantra’s return policy, which is easy and streamlined.

Quality Check: It is important to know the risk associated while buying a refurbished phone, especially an iPhone. Always look for a certified refurbished phone before you jump into buying it. A quality check will ensure the durability of the product and will help you make a better decision about purchasing a refurbished mobile phone. At Yaantra, you don’t have to worry about the quality check, here every refurbished mobile phone comes with 36 quality checks.

Where to Buy Refurbished Mobile Phones?

Buying a refurbished mobile phone may sound tempting, especially considering the price of smartphones today. But, from where to buy it? Is the question that strikes million minds. You don’t have to ponder much, because we got you the answer; it’s Yaantra.

Are Refurbished Smartphones Any Worthy?
Are Refurbished Smartphones Any Worthy?

 At Yaantra, we deal in multiple sub-segments of the refurbishing market. Our core function areas are categorized under three sections that are: Refurbished, Unboxed, and Pre-owned. Every section has a committed inventory that caters to the diverse needs of our wide clientele, from varied demographic, geographic, and linguistic identities. Yaantra provides for-

Expertise: At Yaantra, we have a team of tech-savvy professionals who always go a mile extra to offer you the best. Our products go through multiple quality checks under the critical supervision of certified tech experts, before they reach you.

Top-Notch Services: Our customer-centric approach makes us stand apart from the league. We believe in nurturing our association with every client through a customized methodology and best-in-class services.

Vision: Yaantra is making technology affordable to all. Since our inception, we have been working consistently around this idea of making technology affordable and accessible for all. A smartphone can empower you to be in sync with the digital world, and Yaantra is a platform that backs you. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab the amazing deals on refurbished mobile phones at Yaantra.


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