7 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Mobile Phones

7 Benefits of Buying Refurbished Mobile Phones

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We often use some terms so casually that after a period we tend to believe that they are synonymous with each other and can be used interchangeably. “Refurbished smartphones” and “Used smartphones” are two such terms that people believe are the same, and can be used interchangeably, but they aren’t and shouldn’t be used so casually! Refurbished smartphones are the phones that a user uses for a very short span of time which varies from a week to 2 months time. These smartphones are then exchanged by their first owner for another phone of their desired color or memory capacity. At Yaantra, such phones are repaired of software plus hardware faults and are restored to their factory settings to be sold again. On the other hand, the “used phones” are used by their owner for a significant period of time, are not repaired and sold as they are to another user with all the faults unattended.

Most people are unaware of this difference and therefore don’t feel confident about the refurbished phones. Here through this article lets bust all the myths related to refurbished smartphones and divert your attention towards the perks of buying refurbished devices.

We have listed 7 benefits of buying the refurbished version of the latest smartphones, so let’s get started with the first benefit:

Cost Effective

Always wanted to buy a hi-end smartphone but could never turn this dream into a reality because of high-price? Not anymore! Refurbished smartphones are there to the rescue! You can buy the refurbished version of any leading smartphone of your choice at a highly discounted price, isn’t that a lucrative deal! For a refurbished phone you don’t have to spend a fortune and still, you are able to use the latest gadgets at almost half the price or at a hefty discount!

Quality Certified

Refurbished smartphones are repaired and made free of all the faults that a phone might have. Brands like Yaantra who deal in refurbished smartphones make sure that all the phones go through 36 quality checks under the supervision of certified technicians at their hi-end labs. If these phones pass all the quality checks then they are put on sale again else they are disposed of responsibly.


Many companies and brands who sell refurbished smartphones don’t offer a warranty, which is another reason why people don’t feel confident about these devices. But, Yaantra is a reliable name in the industry that offers 6 months warranty on quality certified refurbished phones. In case your phone develops any software fault you can get back to the Yaantra executives for a replacement or repair.

benefits of buying refurbished mobile phones


Buying a refurbished smartphone is an environment-friendly option! Want to know how?

Well, when we refurbish a smartphone we make that phone saleable again and protect it from getting into the landfills and when you choose to buy a refurbished smartphone you give that device the chance to survive. Irresponsible dumping of smartphones simply because of a minor dent or scratch is a big issue that’s causing adverse effects on the environment. Let’s shift focus towards the refurbished phones as they too are as capable as a sealed phone and deserves another chance!

Tested to Function Properly

Refurbished phones don’t work properly, this is a common notion associated with all the refurbished devices. But the fact of the matter is that these phones are certified by technicians and function as good as a new phone. Refurbished phones are further divided into many sub-categories wherein you will find phones with no cosmetic imperfection and zero functional faults to phones with visible dents.

Short-Cut to Premium Phones

Now the budget is not a matter that can stop you from buying a smartphone of your choice. Refurbished phones are great options for all those who have a limited budget. The only drawback is that you’ll have to wait a little, for the refurbished version to come out. And when it’s out you can buy that at a much-discounted price.

Let the world use it first!

Yes, you have to wait for the refurbished version to come out but that’s a blessing in disguise! During this time you will get to know about the phone you have your eyes on in a much better way through reviews and articles. Once a phone is out, the internet will be bombarded with articles and review videos by tech experts in just a week or two’s time. These videos will help you make the right decision and decide whether the phone is worth buying or not!

So, these are the few benefits of buying refurbished smartphones. If you too are considering these devices for your next phone purchase then trust the brands like Yaantra, who are reputed, considered reliable and are preferred by the tech experts. Visit Yaantra.com to buy refurbished smartphones at best market price.



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