Best Place to Buy and Sell Used Mobile Phones

Best Place to Buy and Sell Used Mobile Phones

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Fed up with finding the best place to buy and sell mobiles? Visit Yaantra SIMPLE! It’s an online platform that caters to all your smartphone needs from buying to selling to repair! You can bag great offers on certified refurbished, unboxed and preowned smartphones, mobile accessories like power banks, or can book doorstep repair services for all branded phones/tablets or can sell your old mobile and get the best market price in return. It’s all under one roof! Isn’t that all you were looking for in a mobile brand. Still thinking? Let’s tell you more about the benefits of buying and selling online at Yaantra.

Buy Mobiles from Yaantra

Yaantra is an all-inclusive mobile service brand that has been in the market for more than 5 years now, with a commitment to cater to all the needs a smartphone user has or might have. We deal with different categories of phones and offer a wide range of budget options thereby covering every segment of buyer present in the market.

Refurbished, Unboxed, Preowned Smartphones:

Refurbished smartphones are phones that are returned by the user due to wrong color, wrong product or minor physical imperfection. We at Yaantra, investigate the phone for any cosmetic or functionality error, rectify it and put up the phone on sale again. These phones go through 36 critical quality checks in our hi-tech repair labs. The same scrutiny procedure is followed for unboxed and preowned phones. Unboxed phones are just sealed open phones that have not been used and returned immediately by the user. Preowned phones as the name suggest are used phones that are repaired by our technicians before they are put on sale again. We have 3 subcategories under each of these 3 main categories namely: Excellent, Good and Acceptable.

Excellent: Phones with excellent quality tag do not feature any hardware or software error. These phones are almost like new and cost less than a sealed phone.
Good: Good quality phones work best but they may have some signs of wear & tear on the body. Phones from this category are budget-friendly options.
Acceptable: Phones under this quality category are cheapest in our inventory because of cosmetic imperfections. They work fine like a new phone and do not have any software or functionality problem. If you are someone who is not concerned about the looks then this category has some great options to offer you.

Sell your Mobile at Yaantra
Now that you have bought a new phone from Yaantra, you have an old phone that is of no use! If so, then sell your old mobile at our website and get the best market price in return. The process is simple you just need to visit the “Sell Your Phone” section on the website fill in the brand and model of your phone along with the IMEI number and you will get the price we are offering. Proceed if you feel that it’s the best price which it surely would be, fill in the details give your phone and have the price! It’s an easy process with a few steps.

So, next time if you come across any issue with your smartphone checkout the services and options at Yaantra.

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