Best Place to Buy Mobile Phones in Bulk

Best Place to Buy Mobile Phones in Bulk

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Online shopping has definitely made a space for itself in the market but there still lies a segment that prefers the conventional way of shopping for grocery and gadgets. Many people order their day to day and hi-end utilities online but some people still pay a visit to the local retailer for their small and big requirements. Smartphone purchase is another entity that has gone online but not completely. Many people choose to buy smartphones from the nearest stores or local retailers. Local mobile phone retailers/dealers cater to this segment of buyers with a highly personalized approach. These retailers are contacted by the local people on a one-on-one basis which enables the retailer to address a customer’s queries/needs in a better way. Local retailers are definitely more impactful as they have a personalized marketing approach and they are well aware of their customer’s behavior which online marketing still lacks even after lots of customized marketing options.

Why Mobile Retailers Buy in Bulk?

Mobile retailers serve the local demography and meet different customers with different requirements. To serve them better they have to have a wide inventory of branded smartphones and that’s why they buy second-hand mobile phones in bulk. Retailers cater to a segment that is not tech savvy and does not feel confident about the purchase till it gets to touch and feel the product. Smartphone retailers give them a chance to feel the product and get back to them in case they have any problem or query regarding the product.

Yaantra: Best Place to Buy Bulk Mobile Phones

Yaantra is the best place to refurbished mobile phones at wholesale prices. Yaantra offers refurbished, unboxed and prexo smartphones at highly discounted prices. All these phones go through 36 quality checks by certified technicians and come with 6 months Yaantra warranty. The smartphones are restored to their factory settings before they are put on sale. Yaantra offers huge discounts on Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, Motorola and other top smartphone brands. The members get special member-only offers/prices on all latest smartphones. Retailers get Rs6000 joining discount and many other amazing benefits on every order.

Benefits of Buying from Yaantra

Yaantra is a reputed multi-brand mobile phone wholesale supplier in India with a network of 30K+ retailers from across the country. Register yourself today and order branded smartphones in bulk. Amazing offers on branded plus popular smartphones will help you grow your business, earn higher margins, increase the profit percentage, retain the customers and add more customers to your network. Download the Yaantra Retail App to access the latest offers.

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