Best Virtual Assistants for Android & iOS Devices

Best Virtual Assistants for Android & iOS Devices

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of science that deals in manufacturing of intelligent machines that can perform tasks as competently as humans. AI is going to be the next big thing and a defining innovation by modern science that will outline the advent of the 21st century! AI is currently floating in its preliminary phase of development and is bound to flourish in the coming years. Virtual assistants like SIRI, GOOGLE ASSISTANT and more cannot justify the term AI in its true sense but yes they are a subpart of it. Let’s focus on this subpart and find out more about it.

Virtual assistants are the most elementary form of AI that is accessible to us today! These virtual assistants that we come across on our smartphones and laptops are capable of performing the tasks as we command. But because technology is being in its nascent phase, we are yet to experience the best! For digital device owners, there are a lot of personal assistants that can perform easy to tough tasks on behalf of their owner. In today’s busy schedule one cannot answer every notification as and when it comes, and here comes a virtual assistant to the rescue! Google Assistant Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Lyra, Hound are a few examples of some highly popular and efficient virtual assistants that assist the owner in managing his/her virtual life.

All the assistants do not differ fundamentally as they are designed to support the owner in operating the device. The difference lies in the designed interface, efficiency and the experience they offer. Here, in this article let’s discuss the major highlights of some of the following popular assistants:

  • Siri
  • Google Assistant
  • Bixby
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Cortana

Google Assistant (Google)

Your Google Assistant can give you answers, manage tasks, plan your day, remember things, can give you directions and can do lots more for you! Google assistant responds to the phrase OK GOOGLE! on Android devices and on HEY GOOGLE! & OK GOOGLE! on Google devices. The best thing about Google Assistant is that it understands what you need and can complete the task even if it’s said in multiple different ways. It offers a very personalized experience to the user and can keep you entertained by telling you fun facts and jokes. Google Assistant is compatible with all the Android smartphones that run on Marshmallow, Nougat, or Oreo Android version.


Here are a few things that GOOGLE ASSISTANT can do for you:


Open Apps Search Internet
Play Music Find Restaurants
Read you the latest news Get Weather Reports
Set Reminders, Alarms, Make Notes Send Text Messages
Do Calculations Play games with you


Phones: One Plus(2, 3,3T, 5,5T), Moto G5S Plus, Lenovo K8 Note, LG V30+, Nokia(6, 8), Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, MiA1, Mi MAX 2, Mi MIX 2

Siri (Apple)

Siri is a personal assistant that only entertains Apple device owners. Siri can assist you on an iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, and Apple watch. This virtual assistant responds to the phrase HEY SIRI! on all the Apple devices. One can change Siri’s language and can converse with it in any language of one’s choice. You can ask Siri to post on your Twitter and Facebook account. Apart from that Siri also remembers your relationships so if you ask it to call dad, it knows whom to call! You can also make it learn the correct pronunciation of the names.

Here are a few things that SIRI can do for you:


Make Calls Set the timer
Take Selfie Access Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime & other apps
Organize your day Set alarms, reminders
Make notes Get you news and sports updates
Book cabs, find restaurants and get directions Can answer questions 


Phones: iPhone 6s, 7, SE, 8, X, iPad, MAC Book 

Bixby (Samsung)

Like Apple’s Siri, Samsung too has come up with a virtual personal assistant that will serve only the Samsung owners and that is Bixby. One simply needs to command and Bixby will make it happen for you. Bixby has been designed in a way that it adapts to your behavior and can predict what apps you might need at a specific time of the day. It will analyze your behavior in order to serve you better.

Here are a few things that BIXBY can do for you:


Perform functions on your behalf    
Manages your favorite apps
Post status & updates your social media profile
Unlocks the phone
Send texts, play songs
Enables you to customize commands


Phones: Galaxy S8, S8+ and Galaxy Note 8

Amazon Alexa (Amazon)

Alexa voice service (AVS) is a virtual assistant which has been designed by Amazon. It assists the user in processing the day to day commands and quickly access the notifications and answer the emails. With AVS (Alexa voice service) one can get updates on the weather forecast, traffic, the shortest route to your destination, set timers, ask general questions and do lots more stuff.

Here are a few things that ALEXA can do for you:


Play games with you
Play music
Turn on the lights 
Help you in kitchen
Helps in buying things from AMAZON
Reminds you of meeting & imp things
Offers information


Devices: Amazon Tablet, Speakers, Bluetooth

Cortana (Microsoft)

Cortana is a highly competent digital assistant that was designed for Windows 10. Cortana is a product of Microsoft and is compatible with a lot of different apps such Dominos, Capital One, Expedia, Fitbit, Philips and more. You can chat with Cortana and can get the stuff done on your smartphone or laptop with simple commands.

Here are a few things that CORTANA can do for you:


Set Reminders (Time, Location Photo)
Identify Songs
Track Flights
Tell you Facts, News, Weather, Directions
Send Emails
Chat with you
Create & Manage Shopping List


Devices Windows 10 PC, iOS, and Android

All the smartphones in the market might not be compatible with AI. If you wish to experience AI and are looking for an advanced smartphone that comes with a digital assistant then check out, it’s a hub of latest refurbished and unboxed smartphones which supports this subpart of AI. You can buy latest Android and iOS phones at highly competitive prices.

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