Busting the Myths Related to Unboxed Smartphones

Busting the Myths Related to Unboxed Smartphones

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Unboxed smartphones is a segment that features immediately returned unused and non-defective phones. The reason behind the return can be the wrong color, wrong model or an impulsive buying decision which the buyer later regret. Although these smartphones are not used and are non-defective yet at YAANTRA we make sure that every unboxed smartphone is tested and restored to its pristine factory settings and is devoid of any hardware or software fault.

Here are some myths that customers have for unboxed smartphones, scroll till the end to know everything about unboxed phones.

Myth 1 Unboxed phones have damaged hardware.

NO, they don’t. Unboxed smartphones are returned unused by the customer in a weeks’ time that too in their original packaging along with all the original accessories attached. Plus all the smartphones go through stringent quality checks before they are put on resale.

Myth 2 Unboxed smartphones have visible scratches and cosmetic imperfections.

At YAANTRA, we have 3 quality categories: Excellent, Good and Acceptable. There might be minor scratches or dents but that depends on the quality category of smartphone you have chosen. For instance, if you have opted for excellent quality, you will receive a phone with no cosmetic imperfection. But if you have opted for the acceptable quality you might notice scratches on the device.

Myth 3 Unboxed smartphones are cheaper because they have fake parts.

Talking specifically about YAANTRA, we offer genuine unboxed smartphones with genuine parts and accessories to our customers.

Myth 4 Unboxed phones don’t work properly.

Every unboxed phone goes through 36 point quality check process which includes critical analysis of hardware and software. The best part of buying a smartphone from YAANTRA is that you are assured of smartphones functionality as we restore the device to its original optimum potential.

Myth 5 Unboxed devices are defective, else why anyone would return the device.

Unboxed phones are returned because the customer might have received the wrong model or wrong color which leaves the customer with no choice other than to return it. Another reason can be an impulsive buying decision that the customer later regrets and chooses to return the phone.


The Journey of an Unboxed Smartphone from being Sold to Resold
Scanning and inspection to mark the faults
Repairing of faults by engineers
Compilation of accessories such as Charger & Earphones
Sanitization of device
Re-Packaging of device
Classification in quality categories: Excellent, Good Acceptable


Benefits of Buying an Unboxed Smartphone

  • Cost Effective
  • Quality Approved Products
  • Buying refurbished is an environment-friendly decision
  • Get YAANTRA 6 Months Warranty

At YAANTRA we have divided our inventory of unboxed phones in 3 quality categories such as excellent, good and acceptable. The pricing of smartphones in these categories depends on the quality of hardware and functioning of the software. Excellent does not have any visible imperfection and function as good as a new phone. Good might have slight to insignificant scratches or dents. Acceptable is a category that functions absolutely fine but might have some visible hardware imperfections. Explore our exclusive inventory for a smartphone at a smart price. Browse the extensive collection of unboxed mobile phones at YAANTRA and get discounts on high-end models.

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