Cheap Phone Repair or Quality Repair!

Cheap Phone Repair or Quality Repair!

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Everyone needs a phone repair service at some point in their life because we always tend to drop or damage our smartphone. One gets a lot of repair options in the local market and online but it’s a tough choice to make! Some repair services are cheap but not reliable, some are popular but do not offer the warranty, some are quick but not high quality! We often choose cheap phone repair services over high quality ones which cause us more problems and ultimately add to the overall repair budget.

Sometimes it’s better to invest in quality and time for great results! Here comes the leading player in the repair market like YAANTRA! It’s a platform that offers reliable services at best market prices with warranty and certified quality parts guarantee.

Read till the end to find out what the common smartphone issues are and why it’s essential to reach out to the professionals:

Motherboard Issue

Motherboard problems can arise due to lack of power supply at the board / short circuit / or improper installation of components. Moisture accumulation at or around the motherboard can also damage it. Motherboard issues can lead to abrupt switch off or random device hang. Reaching experts will make a lot of difference as they can resolve all motherboard related issues with utmost precision and at affordable prices.

Mic Problem

Water / dust accumulation are some common reasons that lead to MIC related problems. If your voice is not audible to the person on the other side then there is a possibility that your MIC receivers are blocked or have damaged. Visit the nearest professional repair shop to get the issue resolved at best market prices. Make sure that your repair partner offers you after repair warranty. In case the problem reoccurs you have something to fall on!

Speaker Issue

A smartphone’s speaker can get blocked due to moisture or dust accumulation. In such cases, you might experience a problem in listening to the speaker’s voice. Broken voice, clarity issues, and more such issues can arise. Book an online repair service or visit the locally available but trusted vendor for the repair.

Broken Screen

If you have accidently cracked your phone’s / tablet’s screen then don’t worry. Professional repair experts can undo the damage and can restore it to its factory settings. Screen related repair works are not a layman’s job they must be performed by the experts. Make sure that the repair company has a repair first approach else they will replace the damaged part in the first place and make you bear the entire cost.

Water Damaged Phone

Rain drenched phones can lead to problems such as motherboard / internal component damage which can further affect a smartphone’s performance. Certified repair experts can guide you well in the matters related to water damage.

Battery Issues

If you run out of battery faster than usual, then it’s time to reach out to the experts. Battery problems can cause due to old battery, leakage in battery or charger problems. Professionally certified repair experts can figure out the issue and can offer you the best solution.

Signal Issues

If your phone does not receive the signal even when the signal strength is strong then there might be an internal issue that is causing this hindrance. May be the signal receptors are damaged or blocked by dust etc. in this case it’s important to reach the best service providers in the market.

Unresponsive Touchpad

Blur display and unresponsive touchpad are two common issues that smartphone users face. Display and touchpad issues require tech expert’s intervention because if not done with care they can cause more problems. It’s better to reach out to the repair partners that have advanced repair labs and certified experts who perform all the work.

Camera Issue

Blur pictures, broken lens, or improper installation of the camera or its components are some common reasons behind poor quality pictures. Tech experts can offer unparalleled repair services at highly reasonable prices.

Damaged SIM Slot

Sometimes while replacing the SIM in phone one might break the SIM tray or moisture penetration can oxidize the SIM tray which can lead to SIM recognition issues. Look for experts that offers highly affordable repair services with after repair warranty.

You must spend some time in researching before you give away your phone to a third party for repair. Make sure that they are highly reputed in the market, offer the warranty, have reasonable prices, cater to all the brands, have advanced repair labs, certified experts and above all are well established in the market. Companies like Yaantra offers incomparable services and customer swear by their services! So choose wisely!



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