Can a College Student Afford An iPhone?

Can a College Student Afford An iPhone?

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Stepping up from school to college brings a whole new feeling and experience for all the teenagers who just encountered independent adulthood. The colourful college campuses are a hub of all the latest trends, be it fashion, technology or innovation. The growing influence of technology has made it an essential component of the learning process. Having a good smartphone caters to the millennials and Gen Z. This is the generation that is more inclined to have a smartphone that makes things easy for them. In a sea like a market where all different mobile phones are dwelling in a race to get the maximum consumer attention, finding the ideal one becomes an arduous task.

One cannot deny that Apple is the leading pathbreaker smartphone industry, throwing its influence so that everyone wishes to grab an iPhone in their hands, and the younger generation is more prone to it. The desire to have an iPhone comes with a high cost; the prices pose a serious question to its affordability. But what about the young, glittering eyes fascinated to have an iPhone? Here is where we step in, providing an answer and fulfilling dreams of the college students of having an iPhone in their hands that will fit their pockets.

Why the iPhone obsession?

The iPhone is considered an object of desire among generations, especially the millennials. This desire subtly turned into an obsession with owning Apple phones. Almost everyone wishes for the half bite apple logo on their phone’s back. The primary reason behind the Apple fandom is the idea of owning the device. Owning an iPhone signifies that you have made it big, and now you deserve respect. Having an iPhone brings a sense of accomplishment with it; having it satisfies oneself, and its uniqueness makes one feel different from the crowd. 

Yaantra's Refurbished iPhone
Yaantra’s Refurbished iPhone

Striking Design: Apple’s clever marketing strategies and spectacular designs is another reason that paves for this obsession. For instance, the iPhone X imbibe is marked by the best screen gives the user the pleasure of a big smooth screen in their palms. The chips that power Apple’s devices are also far and away from the fastest mobile chips available. Another eye-catching feature of the iPhone is its excellent fit and finishes. 

Internal Consistency: There is an internal consistency of Apple’s ecosystem, such as a solution for cloud storage, music streaming, security, email and much more awaiting features that are just a touch away. The iPhone’s unique features are much more seamless than what is available on Android or Windows. It has a simple interface; the iPhone feels familiar to users. One of its central features is that it ensures all apps and functions perform the way Apple intended them to perform, which provides for a simple user experience.

Marketing Strategies: Apple’s marketing strategies have succeeded in harnessing customer’s belief; it gives its customers a taste of the luxury brand, bringing them to stand out from the crowd. “Keep it simple” is the central aspect of apple’s marketing strategies. Other strategies include – product placement, leverage reviews, focusing more on the unique value proposition, “it’s not just a product, it’s an experience,” speaking to the audience in the right way, creating visual content with emotions and many other innovative measures.

Is an iPhone student-friendly?

A student’s smartphone should be like a fruit basket, encompassing diverse essentials in one sphere. College goers are the multitaskers; for them, everything is there just one click away. Their world starts and ends by tapping their phone’s screen from filling the college application forms to online classes. Students are the explorers; they dive into various activities; a smartphone must be good enough to cater to their needs and enhance their skills. 

High-Resolution Photos: iPhone’s picture-perfect cameras; also stimulates people to run the race towards Apple stores. For photography lovers, an iPhone is a commodity to desire. The college campus provides a vast canvas and beautiful sites to be discovered and captured. The college students spend most of their time and day on the college campus, hence making many memories. A good camera with a good resolution becomes the need of the hour. An iPhone ember with a picture friendly camera attracts the students’ attention to capture the memorable moments of their college life without any blurred or low-quality snaps. The iPhone has an extensive selection from attachable camera lenses to gramophone horns, providing various options for photography.

Affordable Apple Smartphones
Affordable Apple Smartphones

Long-Lasting Battery Life: students do not have the luxury of time to charge their phones while juggling class assignments and going through hectic class schedules. Lithium-ion batteries back the iPhone’s battery; these batteries charge faster, last longer and have a high power density for more battery life in a lighter package. Having a good battery life empowers the students to multitask and to fuel the day without the fear of the battery saying goodbye.

The Apple Store: The Apple Store is the centre of attention of iPhone users everywhere. It’s simple to approach any problem with your iPhone with the availability of the Apple store. Another significant factor of the iPhone is the availability and quality of apps. The store allows users to browse and download apps developed with Apple’s iOS Software Development Kit. It offers a wide range of mobile applications that are useful in various spheres of life. It also imbibes some student-friendly apps and various other social media applications.

Security: iPhone is commonly known to be much safer than android phones and has fewer security breaches. It is unique among modern tech giants because Apple builds its products with privacy at the forefront. The unique security features are security code autofill; it automatically creates strong web and app passwords, set encrypted messages to auto-delete, audit and block apps that have access to the phone’s camera, microphone, location, block nosey apps from accessing Bluetooth and many more.

Wi-fi Connectivity and Steady Video Streaming: These are the elements of a perfect college student smartphone, and the iPhone provides them at the advanced level. The internet speed also depends upon the mobile’s model; its processor, RAM and other factors play an essential role in determining the smooth internet speed. The COVID era has witnessed a shift from classroom teaching to online classes; in such circumstances, a smartphone that runs smoothly is very much required and here is the iPhone that is providing an answer to it.

iPhones are trendy and have all the advanced features; college students can leverage their technological benefits for essays, dissertations and presentations. In short, an iPhone is one package that meets all the requirements of college-goers. But the stigma of the price associated with the iPhones restricts the affordability of the buyer. Here at Yaantra, we try to eliminate the dilemma. The college students’ dream to grab an iPhone can come true with Yaantra’s various offers and breathtaking deals on iPhones. 

How can a college student afford an iPhone? 

Though the iPhone meets all the requirements of the millennials, one is still hesitant to purchase it. The student budget is not that pocket friendly to desire an iPhone, but there is a ray of hope that makes this possible, Yaantra. Yaantra is helping the college students make the right choice and answer that, yes, the college students can afford an iPhone. Yaantra is a leading brand in refurbished smartphones, including the iPhone. We at Yaantra have aligned our efforts to make the impossible possible, it’s here the college students can fulfil their aspiration of having an iPhone. Yaantra has a wide range of deals and offers on iPhones, and it takes quick steps to grab your favourite one. To check the fantastic deals on iPhones, click on the link below-

According to their budget, the students can go for pre-owned smartphones, box open iPhones, and refurbished iPhones online from Yaantra, and they can get a six-month warranty. The phones are certified by industry best technicians, and they go through 36 quality checks performed on hardware and software. Yaantra also offers iPhone accessories; we also have the “book our reliable iPhone screen repair services at the best price,” enabling the consumers with a wide range of options and fantastic deals. Hurry! The wait is over now; your iPhone is awaiting at Yaantra. 

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