Common Reasons that Lead to Phone Damage

Common Reasons that Lead to Phone Damage

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Let’s admit it; we all have dropped our phone at least once! Smartphone repair services are required more than ever because all of us tend to damage it by dropping it on the floor, into water or due to many more Genuine/weird reasons. At Yaantra, we come across numerous reasons that lead to some sort of hardware or software damage to the smartphones.

Scroll down to find out the common reasons that lead to smartphone damage and whether you too have done this:

Dropped the Phone

Dropping a phone is a common problem that most of the users have committed more than once at some point in their life. Most of the damaged phones that come to us got damaged because they got dropped from a great height on the floor. Such physical damages can cause cracked screen, broken back panel, damaged speakers/mic, or damaged camera.

Sat/Stood on a Phone

We tend to forget where we have put our phone and most of the times we find it when we sit on it or end up stepping on it! This can crack the screen, break the phone or can turn the touchpad non-functional. If you have damaged your smartphone this way you can reach the nearest Yaantra repair store or can book our repair services online.

Dropped the Phone in Water

Dropping the phone in water or spilling liquid on it can adversely damage the phone. Moisture penetration and any contact with water can damage the motherboard, SIM slot or speakers. It’s recommended by experts to use flip covers that covers entire body of the phone and prevents from water and other physical damages.

Your/someone else’s Child has thrown it

It can be your child or someone else’s child! Most children have the habit of throwing things out of excitement or anger or to catch attention of their parents & loved ones. Well it’s always better to give the phone to a child in your presence. You should keep a close eye on how the child is using the device.

What Yaantra suggests:

  • Use phone covers & flip covers that have shock absorbing properties
  • Use silicone covers or covers made with similar material that offers great grip on the phone and are non-slippery
  • Handle with care
  • Hold your phone tightly while taking a selfie or fix it properly in a selfie stick
  • Use high quality phone ring stents
  • Use screen protectors & screen guards for added protection
  • Clean your phone regularly using a microfiber cloth
  • Thoroughly read the repair guides to conduct repair on your own

Phone Repair is Easy and Affordable at YAANTRA

Yaantra offers professional repair service for all brands and all types of hardware and software faults. You can visit the nearest repair branch and get the phone fixed at reasonable prices. Our repair services feature doorstep repair, high quality spare parts guarantee and after repair warranty that goes up to 90 days. Customers can book our repair services online, step into the nearest Yaantra store or can call us to get a quote or book a repair.