Common Smartphone Repair at Yaantra

Common Smartphone Repair at Yaantra

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Every day thousands of smartphones come to our repair labs and most of the times the issue lies in the motherboard, camera, screen, battery or power/home/volume button. Broken screen, short circuit at motherboard and battery leakage makes the most common problems that we encounter every day at Yaantra. Our certified technicians resolve these issues from the root and are capable of repairing all branded smartphones/tablets. All the repair works are performed at our repair labs at affordable prices.

The following are the most common issues that we fix at our repair labs:

Smartphone Screen Replacement: Screen replacement is a common problem that our technicians come across. 6 to 7 out of 10 mobile repair problems are related to the screen. Most people drop their phone from the table, or terrace which then leads to broken mobile/tablet screen. We at Yaantra, replace the screen at best market price and also offer up to 6 months warranty on the repair work. Customers can book our doorstep screen replacement service for brands like Lenovo, Samsung, Apple, Motorola and OnePlus.

Mobile Motherboard Repair: Motherboard repair is another common query at Yaantra. Mostly the motherboard is water damaged or becomes unresponsive due to short circuit or maybe lack of power supply at the motherboard is the issue behind the improper functioning of the device. In such cases, we repair the motherboard at our advanced repair labs.       

Camera Repair: Camera issues majorly comprises focus problem, zoom in or zoom out problem. The damaged lens is another common problem that we resolve at our repair labs. Our technicians repair all the camera related issues at best prices with warranty.

Battery Replacement: Battery issues are again very common. Most of the issues that we encounter specifically for the battery are leakage, old battery, overheating, fast battery drainage, and random dip in battery level. In most cases, all these issues are resolved simply by replacing the battery. For battery replacement customers can also opt for doorstep repair/replacement service, wherein our repair van or repair bike with a certified technician will reach your location and replace the battery.

Power/Home/Volume Button Repair

Power, home and volume button problems are common because whenever a phone falls maximum impact comes to power/home and volume button. In most cases, these buttons are completely damaged and need a replacement for proper functioning.

Technicians at Yaantra hold years of experience in Android Mobile Repair and are highly capable. Our hi-tech labs are well equipped with repair and dismantling tools. You can call us on 9999844944 or 66336633 to book our repair services or can draft a query related to repair service and send it to Our repair executive will get back to you promptly.


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