DIGITAL DETOX: Disconnect to Connect Better!

DIGITAL DETOX: Disconnect to Connect Better!

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Detoxification is a medical term and refers to the process of elimination of toxins from the human body and body parts. For instance, you must be familiar with liver detoxification, kidney detoxification and general detox therapies, detox drinks & detox diets. The sole purpose of detoxification is to cleanse and nourish the system, get rid of the toxins and make the system pleasant and healthy. Detoxification too has gone digital but for the good! Let’s find out more about digital detoxification.  

In today’s world everybody is a tech-junkie, always online, always surrounded by gadgets and always in search of new and advanced devices. Reports from the reputed international dailies claim that an average adult checks his or her smartphone 80 to 200 times in a day while some keep it in their hands 24*7! The studies also claim that people check their phones for social media notifications after every 10 to 15 minutes. Excessive use of a smartphone is causing a lot of psychological and physiological disorders. Anxiety, depression, and obesity are some most common problems that these smart gadgets have given to us. To rescue you from these problems you can go for a Digital Detox Therapy!

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What is a Digital Detox?

Digital detoxification refers to reducing the ‘screen time’. In simple words, it’s limiting the use of digital gadgets like phones, computers, and tablets for a long time. Regulation and reduction are the two motives of a digital detox therapy. This therapy is a necessity in everyone’s life because the moment a notification triggers we feel like reaching to it immediately, ignoring the situation and people around us. Digital detox aims at lowering these anxiety levels and helps us stay away from the gadgets for some time. Digital detox does not mean cutting off your communication with your loved ones it’s rather a way to reconnect better with your loved ones! Digital devices have become larger than life and to unplug from these gadgets demands a lot!

How much digital consumption is too much?

  • If you don’t leave your phone while eating, drinking, and in the loo, then it’s too much!
  • If you sleep with your phone and wake up abruptly to check the notification, then it’s too much!
  • If you feel dysfunctional without a phone, again too much!
  • If you suffer from NOMOPHOBIA (NO MOBILE PHONE): A state in which one is always worried about losing his/her phone.
  • If you have the habit of watching all the episodes of popular TV series in one day or in one night, then it’s definitely too much!

7 Ways to Perform Digital Detox

  1. Think before you act: – Next time before picking up your smartphone to check the Facebook notification think whether it deserves your attention and is it worth ignoring your family for a notification!
  2. Limit your Daily Digital Time: – Make a timetable about how much time and when you will use your smartphone. Try not to use it when you enter the home after office, during the dinner time and an hour before sleep.
  3. Mute Notifications or Enable Airplane Mode: Mute notifications when you are with your family and when you are hosting a party.
  4. Switch off the phone before going to sleep: Switch off the phone else you will wake up in the middle of the night to check the notifications and this lack of sound sleep will affect your overall wellbeing.  
  5. Indulge in some fun activities: It’s easy to turn off the phone but it’s hard to it off for more than a minute! To stay away from your phone you have to divert your attention to something much more entertaining than that. Go out for a walk, play with your kids, go for a long drive or binge on some ice-creams at the nearest ice-cream station.
  6. Travel without a phone: When you go for weekend gateways or step out to have a Sunday brunch with your friends try not to take your phone along.  
  7. Greet your guests with your attention: If you are someone who is always on the phone even when your friends have come to your place then you won’t be termed as a ‘good host’. So to be one, you have to keep your phone aside and greet them with your uninterrupted attention.  


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