Doorstep Speaker/MIC Replacement in your City

Doorstep Speaker/MIC Replacement in your City

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Is your mobile phone’s speaker and MIC are not working properly? It’s a serious issue as all the audio and video calls are of no use if one cannot communicate properly. In smartphone speakers and MICs are located around the edges of the phone and therefore are more vulnerable to get damaged in case it falls or slips from your hands. Screen, speaker, and Mic are the three components of a phone that get the maximum impact when it falls. MIC and Speaker issues can happen mainly due to physical damages. For instance, if the user has dropped the phone and the impact has been on the side where the speaker or MIC is located then chances of damaging them increases to a great extent. Moisture penetration and accumulation of dust are some other commonly diagnosed reasons that lead to speaker or MIC damage.    


A smartphone comprises two types of speakers internal and external. The internal speaker enables you to hear what the other person is saying while the external speaker enables you to hear the phone ring, alarm, and music. In most phones, the internal speaker is located at the top in the center while the external speaker is located at the bottom around the charging port or at the back panel like in Samsung phones. The microphone is also placed at the bottom of the phone mostly near the charging slot.

Possible Symptoms of Speaker and MIC Damage:

  • No/distorted sound
  • Excessive noise
  • Inaudible sound

Possible Reasons for Speaker / MIC Damage:

  • Broken Speaker / MIC
  • Water accumulation
  • Loosely Installed Speaker / MIC
  • Improper Power Supply
  • Signal Problem

DIY Repair & Maintenance Tips:

  • Restart your device: If there is any signal issue then a quick shutdown and restart will refresh the signals and offer you noise-free sound.
  • Restore the sound settings: Maybe the sound settings have changed, do cross check.
  • Wisely select phone covers: Make sure that the phone cover you have has cavity around the speaker and mic.
  • DIY Repair: One can watch a DIY speaker or MIC replacement tutorial on Youtube and can replace the damaged part.
  • Clean it regularly: Make sure that the bottom cavities in your phone are not clogged due to water or dust accumulation. As the bottom section is the place where the speaker and the MIC are generally located and if the place is clogged it will not emit clear sound.

When Nothing Works: Book a Repair @ Yaantra

If nothing works for you then, just login to your laptop or PC, type YAANTRA and once you land up to our website book our doorstep part replacement service for speaker and Mic repair or replacement.

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