Easy Ways to Buy Premium Phones

Easy Ways to Buy Premium Phones

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We often find ourselves in a situation when we wish to purchase something expensive and we are not in a position to invest a huge amount in a jiffy or have to dip into one’s savings! In such situations, we either buy that product instantly from the savings without giving it another thought or simply drop the idea of buying that product. Most of the people choose the latter one! Well, it’s rightly said that it’s all about the money, honey! You cannot spend a huge amount just like that without taking care of the bills! But in case of premium smartphones, there are a lot of ways that can sponsor your next purchase.

Here in this article let’s have a look at all the popular options that can take you closer to your dream phone!

Buy Refurbished Smartphones

Refurbished Smartphones

Buy the refurbished version of an expensive smartphone at a highly discounted price. The best part about refurbished smartphones is that you get to access all the features and experience the latest handset at almost half the price. You should consider buying open-box or refurbished smartphones over the second-hand phone as they are available in relatively better quality than a used second-hand phone.

Pay in Easy EMI


Easy EMI options also let you own the newly launched devices and do not cause a burden on the pocket. You can take a loan from any bank and can pay through monthly installments. This will not burden your pocket as you are required to pay a small amount every month for a fixed tenure and simultaneously enjoy using the phone as soon as it’s out in the market. Most banks offer easy EMI options at an interest rate ranging from 12% to 18% p.a. for a period of 3 to 36 months. So, don’t think? Just click that “Buy Now” button below your favorite smartphone!

No Cost EMI Phones

Bajaj Finserv

No cost EMI is another cost-effective option that you can opt for. Under No Cost EMI one gets to pay the amount through monthly installments but do not need to pay any interest on those installments. Yaantra is a one-stop destination that offers Bajaj Finserve No cost EMI option on all the leading smartphones.

 Try Card-Less Cash Withdrawal

Gone are the days when you were required to carry those plastic cards and have a bank account for shopping. Many banks have come up with a new innovative concept which is card-less cash withdrawal. The facility lets you buy the devices on cash at times when you have forgotten your wallet, plastic cards and also if you don’t have a bank account which is rare, but even in that scenario you can shop! All you need is a registered phone number to get reference codes, visit the nearest card-less cash-withdrawal ATM, withdraw the money and shop till you drop!

 E-Pay Later

E-Pay Later is a platform that empowers you to get the product and pay the cash in next 14 days. You simply need to log-in and enter the PAN or AADHAAR card details to redeem an amount of up to Rs 20,000 for the first time. The credit you get is interest-free plus you can either spend the entire amount in one transaction or can spend small amounts. One can also increase the credit limit in future.

All the above-discussed options enable you to buy the expensive premium segment smartphones easily without causing a hole in the pocket. So, buy a mobile phone on easy EMI or book its refurbished version at a highly discounted price.


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