Everything about Android OREO 8.0 Update

Everything about Android OREO 8.0 Update

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Android Oreo update rolled out in 2017 and since then it’s a mystery for most smartphone users! There are so many queries that need to be answered and facts to be told! Some of the most common queries related to this latest Android version are: which fortunate set of smartphones will receive the update, or whether the update will be available for only a few brands, what are its unique features, and whether the update will be made available for lower segment phones or not! Here in this article let’s talk about every aspect of OREO update in detail.

Let’s begin with what is an ANDROID OREO 8.0?

Android Oreo is the latest and eighth version of Android OS which is a brand of Google. The update is also known as Android ‘O’ which is codenamed ‘oatmeal Cookie’. The latest Oreo update features many new innovations that will enhance the user’s experience. This OS version controls background activities, handles cache data much more efficiently, and offers a smooth switching between multiple windows and apps. Another impressive feature of this OS is Google Play Protect, which scans the apps downloaded from play store and third-party stores to protect your device and data from malware.

What’s New in an Android Oreo 8.0

  • Snooze the Notifications
  • 60+ New Emojis
  • Picture in Picture Mode
  • 2X faster performance
  • Auto-fills the login details on permission
  • Access notifications easily with dot notification feature
  • New Camera App for easy zoom in and Zoom out
  • Smarter Text Selection
  • Adaptive App Icons
  • Animated icon for the clock
  • Lower Battery Consumption
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easier and faster access
  • Scan the apps for viruses with Google Play Protect
  • Connect using NAN (Neighborhood Aware Networking)

With Android Oreo, you get a better interface to work with as it makes apps more accessible and the system 2X faster. You will witness an altogether new settings menu with new icons and more options to change the settings. Oreo OS will automatically turn on the Wi-Fi once you are in the previously saved, high quality, trusted network area. Plus you will not miss any notification with dot notification feature that comes with this latest android. The icons will not be the same after this update as they will change as per the theme and will adopt the color scheme of the theme. You will also experience better audio quality. Talking about NAN or neighborhood aware networking this feature allows you to build a low-power connection with the devices in the close vicinity without Wi-Fi.

Android Oreo Update is available on the following smartphones:

  • Nokia 8, Nokia 6
  • One Plus 5, One Plus 3, One Plus 3T
  • Google Pixel, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel XL
  • Nexus 5X
  • Honor V10, Honor 9 Lite
  • Xiaomi MiA1
  • Moto X4

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