Highpoints of Android and Apple Smartphones

Highpoints of Android and Apple Smartphones

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All smartphone users have been trying to figure out which one out of android and apple is better for ages now, but the war is yet to be concluded! Here we are discussing the highpoints of both the segments not to confuse the users by listing their limitations, but to enlighten them about their strengths so that you can take a smart decision based on your individual requirements. So, based on your individual needs pick your favorite android or apple phone at competitive prices. Get smartphones at affordable prices along with Yaantra warranty, additional perks such as Paytm and Mobikwik discounts.


  • Customize

Customization is the best part about Android smartphones. Android users can add widgets, change the launcher, add their favorite themes and can do so much more to make their smartphone as unique as they are.

Add Multiple Users

Android smartphones enable you to switch to the guest user account when someone borrows your device. The guest user feature helps you keep your data secure when another user is operating on your device. Another impressive feature of an Android phone is its ability to assist the user in multitasking.

  •  Wide Price Range

Android phones are popular among every stratum of the society due to their availability in a wide price spectrum. You can get a good android phone for a price as low as 5000 to a phone at a price as high as 1 lakh and above. Plus you can also choose a brand of your choice, for instance, Lenovo, Coolpad, Nexus, Samsung, Motorola, Sony and more.

  •   File Sharing

Android phones offer easy and convenient file sharing options. Wi-Fi Direct, NFC Support, Bluetooth connectivity, USB cable sharing are some options that empower you to share files with other devices with utmost ease.


  • Ecosystem

Apple smartphones work with ease and sync well with their own ecosystem. If your gadget collection features all the devices from Apple such as iPad, Apple TV, MAC Book and iPhone you can seamlessly switch to these devices, to share and access content smoothly.

  • Apps Store

App store definitely gives you a better experience than Play Store. App Store offers exclusive plus high-quality apps that run better on an iPhone as compared to an android phone. It is also observed that some apps are launched in App store first and then become available for Android users.

  • Optimization and Software Update

Apple phones because of being highly exclusive enjoy lots of benefits that android phones don’t. Software update comes first in this regard, as Apple users all around the globe can access the updated software on the same day of the update. Limited inventory & indigenous technology makes it easy for Apple to optimize their phones.

  • Accessories Easy Available

Being limited edition and highly popular Apple accessories can be easily found everywhere. Plus there are some accessories that are only meant for Apple phones. If you are an Apple user you can get a wide range of phone covers, earphones, and other accessories to choose from.

It’s very difficult to reach a conclusion about whose is better, but to make your decision easier we have dedicated this blog to the highlights of both. So, pick wisely!

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