How to Choose the Best Mobile Repair Shop in Pune

How to Choose the Best Mobile Repair Shop in Pune

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Mobile Repair is something that we all fear, because to get a smartphone fixed one needs to exhaust oneself into the lengthy process of repair, go back and forth to the service center to inquire about its status, pay a huge amount even for the smallest repair and come out of the service center without any warranty. But there is something that can save you from this mess, and that is a one-stop mobile repair shop in Pune. Single-window repair centers are well equipped in terms of skilled manpower and tools required to perform a repair work on any branded smartphone or tablet. Some cool benefits of reaching out to these repair centers are convenient online booking, doorstep repair, online tracking facility, free device pick-up and drop and warranty oriented service. If you are looking for Samsung, Motorola, MI, LG, iPhone service center in Pune then it’s time to check out the all in one service centers like Yaantra for repair services.

Here is a checklist that you need to go through before you book a repair online or visit any nearest mobile repair center to get your damaged or non-functional phone fixed:

  • Doorstep Repair

Doorstep Mobile and Tablet Repair

We are so busy in our day to day lives that we delay the small mobile repair tasks till the time they worsen or become so big that they make the phone completely dead! To deal with this market gives you a convenient option to choose and that’s doorstep mobile repair. Doorstep service is a new concept that enables the user to get one’s smartphone repaired at ones preferred location in a few minutes. This usually involves part replacement tasks such as battery replacement, speaker/MIC replacement, camera replacement screen replacement and minor repair at the doorstep.

  • Lab Repair

Lab Mobile Repair

One can even walk into the nearest mobile repair shop in Pune to get that damaged phone fixed and by nearest, we mean the best and not the one that’s closest to your abode. Repair centers that have hi-tech labs and have certified technicians should be on your wish list as they can offer you quality services. Lab repair services are generally much more affordable than doorstep ones. The latest innovation in this domain is that some companies offer online tracking facility for the lab repair service wherein one can check the status of the damaged device online.

  • Certified Technicians

Mobile Repair by Certified Technicians

If you believe that your local repair shop technician is eligible to perform the repair simply because you know him and he knows you, then you are heading in the wrong direction! Mobile repair is not an easy task, it demand skills, precision, and expertise else your device will break down again! Allow only the certified technicians to operate on your expensive smartphone. Brands like Yaantra deploy experienced repair technicians to restore the faults. Such brands also invest a huge chunk in training the technicians as every phone comes with a different mechanism, and to work on every new apparatus, technicians require training and tools.

  • Quality Spare Parts

Quality Spare Parts

Many mobile repair shops believe in replacing the damaged or faulty part as it’s comparatively easier than conducting a repair. But many brands have a repair first approach and they attempt to repair the faulty component in the first place. One should always prefer brands that believe in repairing the device as original components are of much higher quality than its spare parts. In case there comes a need to replace any component then brands that promise quality spare parts should be given preference as fake and low-quality parts are easily available in the market and their shelf life is just a couple of weeks.

  • Intelligent Repair Service

Intelligent Software Oriented Repair

Many repair centers nowadays have indigenously built software apps that are capable of detecting faults in a smartphone.  In case a fault is left undetected in manual scanning process then it will surely come up in the software scan done through the app. Yaantra is one such brand that has an in-house repair app that scans all the components of the smartphone so that no error is left unprocessed.

  • Open 7 Days a Week

7 Days Service

Most repair centers stay closed on Sundays when most people have a weekly off from their jobs which makes it impossible for them to get their device repaired on a holiday. In such cases, one has to take an off from the work to get the repair done. Prefer the brands that are open 24×7 and are always available for you so that you can get your mobile repaired as per your convenience.

  • Warranty Services

Warranty Repair

Warranty is another big issue that most people face when they go out for smartphone repair. Most local repair vendors do not offer any “after repair warranty” which means that you are not covered if the error reappears in future. One should opt for repair vendors that offer a warranty on repair as it will cover you for any inconvenience that may occur anytime in future.

  • Data Security

Data Security

Data security is another worrisome issue for many users. Local repair shops neither guarantee data security nor are they concerned about it in the first place. Reaching out to a reputed and reliable repair brand gives you that security. Doorstep repair services where repair takes place in front of you eliminates all possibilities of data theft while the lab repair is also secure as reputed repair brands invest in CCTV recording of repair labs and access to these labs is highly restricted which again cuts the possibility of data theft.

Whether you are looking for phone screen repair, mobile motherboard repair or mobile battery repair do your homework to end up at the best mobile repair shop in Pune. Yaantra can be a good option as it offers all the above phone repair services at best market price in Pune.


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