How Yaantra is Leading the Way Towards Refurbished Mobile Phones?

How Yaantra is Leading the Way Towards Refurbished Mobile Phones?

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Yaantra is setting a remarkable example of a refurbished smartphone industry-leading towards substantial growth. The platform for refurbished smartphones industry commands about half of the market.

According to Jayant Jha, the co-founder and CEO of Yaantra, “95% of the market in India continues to be unorganized. But there is tremendous potential for growth as smartphone penetration in the country is still only around 45%”. Yaantra currently sells around 60,000 refurbished smartphones every month.

Yaantra – A Brief Introduction 

Yaantra is an online mobile phone store that offers repair, refurbishing and reselling services for smartphones. It marked its presence in 2013 as an entirely committed brand, dealing in the refurbished smartphones segment. Yaantra has aligned its efforts to the country’s collective vision to equip the people for the upcoming digital revolution.

With a wide assortment of smartphones and services, Yaantra is moving strongly towards their vision, that is, “making technology accessible to all”. They have a  strong base of 1,20,000+ satisfied clientele, which is growing day by day. Till now Yaantra has repaired more than 60,000 smartphones and has infused more value into the customer’s digital investments.

In a nutshell, Yaantra is a single-window stopover that caters to all smartphone queries such as broken glass, water damage, software problem, power issue and many more, with the best in the industry services. It  deals in multiple sub-segments of the refurbishing market.

The core function areas are categorized under three sections – Refurbished, Unboxed and Pre-owned. Every section has a committed inventory that caters to diverse needs of wide clientele, from varied demographic, geographic and linguistic identities. 

Moreover, Yaantra  entertains  clientele with incredible deals and offers throughout the year, making it exciting for the customers to grab the smartphone they like.

A Deep Insight Into Yaantra

Refurbished mobile phones are in no way less than a new branded phone, they work smoothly like a new one. So why pay more when you can buy a refurbished smartphone that functions like a brand new one,  from Yaantra.

The refurbished phones at Yaantra encapsulate the looks and functioning like a new smartphone. To make it more specific, Yaantra has categorized the smartphones as flawless, good and fair; making it convenient for the customers to make a smart choice.

Another prominent feature that Yaantra provides is smartphone repair. Smartphone repair at Yaantra is convenient and trouble-free, as one does not have to exhaust oneself in finding a reliable repair vendor. At Yaantra you can book our services online and get your device repaired immediately at your doorstep or in a maximum of 48 hours. Yaantra offers various repair services to its customers-

In-store repair:  Broken screen or any other smartphone issues, just walk into the nearby Yaantra store, follow these simple steps to get it done at an affordable prices

  1. Submit the phone for evaluation and collect the receipt of your mobile.
  2. After the first round of evaluation, the repair executive at Yaantra will get in touch with you regarding the estimated repair issue of your device.
  3. The executive will submit the complete report of the issues found in your device.
Doorstep repair
Doorstep repair

Doorstep repair: Yaantra’s doorstep repair is a convenient service in which we send a certified professional at your doorstep backed with all the repair tools and 100% quality spare parts. Our repair executive will repair your damaged device in front of your eyes, which makes phone repair with Yaantra safest and hassle free. Yaantra provides a free pick-up and drop facility, you only have to pay the repair fees. 

Repairing process at Yaantra: After we receive your phone, a certified technician will operate on the device in both the services. The repair labs at Yaantra are equipped with experienced technicians and tools required for performing the repair task.

Unlike the local vendors, Yaantra values your hard earned money and hence, it offers up to 6 months warranty at repair services. Smartphones constitute the world to us, and at Yaantra we return your repaired phone within 48 hours maximum. 

PhoneCash – A Yaantra Initiative

Yaantra’s PhoneCash is an artificial intelligence and machine learning based diagnostic platform which enables consumers to test their smartphones and know the best resale value.

PhoneCash - A Yaantra initiative
PhoneCash – A Yaantra initiative

PhoneCash app is a hassle-free process which provides the benefits of  Attractive exchange/upgrade offers, Free Health check of smartphone, 100% Data Wipe Assurance, Free and Quick Doorstep Pickup and Instant Payment.

How to Sell on PhoneCash?

  1. Download the App.
  2. Get exact health-score by smart-diagnosing your device through an app.
  3. Answer a few questions regarding the physical condition of the phone.
  4. The algorithm-based price engine will automatically calculate the best value of your smartphone based on the functional and physical condition.
  5. The PhoneCash executive will re-diagnose your phone and format your phone completely.
  6. Get Instant payment for your smartphone.

Why Choose Yaantra for Refurbished Mobile Phones?

Yaantra has a wide range of branded smartphones in refurbished, Unboxed and Preowned versions, providing you with unlimited options to choose from. There is a constant flow of latest smartphones to the inventory.

Yaantra provides its customers with amazing deals and discounts on every smartphone purchase. In addition to it, Yaantra offers warranty on every mobile phone and each phone is quality certified by their tech experts.

Yaantra provides best and affordable screen repair service in 6 cities across India – Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. 

The Way Ahead

“Making technology affordable for all”, this is what Yaantra strives for. Since our inception, we have been working consistently around this idea of making technology affordable and accessible to all. By refurbishing mobile phones, Yaantra is contributing to healing the environment.

A refurbished phone is a recycled product, in doing so, Yaantra is keeping them out of landfill, and restricting environmental damage. Refurbished smartphones find their way best at Yaantra, so help us build a safe and breathable environment, and go for refurbished smartphones. Click here to grab amazing deals and offers on refurbished smartphones. 




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