iPhone Screen Repair at Yaantra

iPhone Screen Repair at Yaantra

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If you have cracked your iPhone’s/ Smartphone’s/ Tablet’s screen then its time to get it repaired ASAP by certified repair experts as delaying it or conducting the repair by your own can add to the trouble. It is always advised to reach out to the experts for a screen, motherboard, & software issues as these components of a phone demands expert interference.

Experts can pinpoint the fault, guide you well and can perform the repair job with utmost precision. Sometimes when we try to repair the device we might wrongly assess the damage, perform wrong repair work which can further damage the device due to lack of skills and tools. Specifically talking about the screen damages we are not aware that whether the impact has been maximum on the glass or has reached the LCD panel beneath! In both the cases, it’s essential to act fast!

Read till the end to find out why Yaantra’s repair services are considered most reliable and affordable by the customers all across the country.

Doorstep/ Onsite iPhone Screen Repair/Replacement   

Yaantra offers doorstep repair services, especially for iPhones! Get your iPhone screen replaced or repaired in front of you by certified repair experts at best prices. This onsite repair service will assist you at your preferred location and will leave you satisfied. The onsite mobile repair is conducted via Yaantra’s repair van that comes with our certified technicians and necessary repair tools.

6 Months Warranty on iPhone Screen Replacement

Another best part of getting repair services from professionals is that you get a warranty on all the repairs performed. For iPhone’s screen related repairs Yaantra offers 6 months warranty, so rest assured and book a repair now!

Fixed Rs 99 Service Charge for All Mobile Repairs    

There is a constant service charge that you have to pay for any type of mobile repair. From motherboard repair, cracked screen replacement, speaker repair, mic repair, battery replacement to water damaged phone repair there is a constant service charge for all.

Ignoring small cracks on screen is not a good idea as they can lead to bigger problems. So, if you have accidentally dropped your phone in water or on the floor then don’t panic evaluate the damage and decide an action plan on how to go about it.

Dos and Don’ts after damaging the screen:

  • Yes, you can cry! It’s a great loss, but you will come over it. You just need to find the right repair partner!
  • Access the damage first. Find out whether it’s just the glass or the LCD panel that has smashed.
  • Take a backup of the data and files you have on your phone.
  • Always prefer professional repair services over local ones as they lack skills & tools.
  • Book a repair instantly: As broken glass can lacerate your hand.
  • Don’t delay the repair even if it’s a minor crack as it can turn into a completely damaged screen.

The damaged screen is a common problem that maximum users face. Cracked screen, display issues, and non-functional touchpad are common because a smartphone’s screen is its most delicate component and because it consumes most space at the front panel it’s more prone to get damaged. In case you mess up with our iPhone screen or smartphone’s screen then contact the experts at Yaantra and get it repaired at competitive prices.

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