Mobile Motherboard Repair

Mobile Motherboard Repair

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A smartphone’s motherboard is amongst its core components that are most expensive and most important. A motherboard is the heart and soul of any digital gadget and it makes the gadget come alive! Here in this article let’s tear down this part of a smartphone and find out what’s inside and how it works?    

What is a Motherboard?

So, first things first! Let’s get on to what’s exactly a motherboard is and where it’s located on a phone? All the digital gadgets feature this essential component which is responsible for their functioning. A motherboard is also referred as a printed circuit board (PCB) or logic board and is sandwiched exactly in the middle of a phone below the screen and above the battery and back panel. All the components are given a slot on this motherboard which gets power supply from the battery and eventually makes these other components work. A motherboard comprises Camera slot, flash IC, RAM, antenna point/switch, power section, CPU, audio/speaker connection, SIM slot, IC and all the parts that one can think of. All the parts are directly or indirectly connected to a logic board. Because it belongs to the most fundamental parts of a phone any error in functionality or physical damage can affect a phone’s performance to a great extent.

Possible Damages to a Motherboard   

  • Water accumulation
  • Broken motherboard
  • Lack of proper power supply at the motherboard
  • Short circuit
  • Inappropriately installed motherboard components
  • Dust accumulation
  • Loosely installed motherboard

Sure Shot Symptoms For Motherboard Problems

  • Blank Screen
  • Abrupt Switch Off
  • Unusually Long Response Time
  • Error Messages
  • Problems in turning the device On and Off
  • Random Battery Level Drop

If you encounter these problems, then visit the repair experts immediately to get the problem resolved in time. Motherboard issues if left untreated for longer can cause a short circuit or other major problems.

What’s the solution?

The solution starts at the problem detection phase itself. People keep blaming the battery or software for improper functioning of the phone but the problem might be at the PCB. Half the battle is won if you have figured out which component of the phone is not working properly and is causing inconvenience. After detecting the problem one can opt for DIY repair by watching online tutorials or can reach out to the professional repair experts or if nothing works go for a replacement. Micro soldering is one of the most common repair solutions specifically for the motherboard. Most repair vendors in the market will perform micro soldering to resolve the Logic board issues.

What’s Micro Soldering?  

Micro soldering repair involves repair of small components on the board that are not visible with the naked eye and can only be accessed using a microscope. Such microscopic components involve microchips, capacitor, resistors etc. repairing of these parts is known as micro soldering.

Doorstep Mobile Motherboard Repair

If all the above solutions don’t work then there is one solution left: REPLACEMENT. There are some companies in the market that do not take the job of repairing the board as it requires a great level of expertise and skills. They simply go for board replacement and let the user bear the cost. But don’t you worry there are repair brands like Yaantra that offer reliable and highly affordable motherboard repair service. In case replacement is the only option to restore its functionality then you can opt for our doorstep motherboard replacement service. If you are looking for apple iPhone motherboard repair, iphone 5s motherboard repair or redmi 2 motherboard replacements or repair for any phone or any other issue then do checkout the services at Yaantra. Your smartphone’s motherboard is its soul and to keep the phone functioning you have to take good care of its motherboard.



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