Busting the Myths related to Mobile Phone Repair

Busting the Myths related to Mobile Phone Repair

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Mobile repair is an industry that is flourishing at a fast pace, but there is a segment of people in the society who are untouched by the repair industry. These are the people who are hesitant about getting their mobile repaired because they believe the myths related to it. It’s a generally accepted notion that a repair will further damage your device and its performance will never be the same after repair. Many other myths like these make people think twice about giving away the phone for repair. This article is dedicated to busting these myths and revealing the other side of the story.

Read on to know about the myths and the truths about iOS and Android Repair:

  1. Water Damage and Rice Theory: Multiple popular online mobile repair blogs claim that if you have dropped your device into the pool or a bucket full of water or have spilled something on the phone then put the phone in a bowl of rice as it will absorb all the moisture. This trick might effectively absorb the water from the surface but it will take a few minutes and if in the meanwhile water penetrates inside the device then it will cause more trouble. Rice trick is neither an effective and nor a quick remedy to resolve water damage.
  2. Cracked Screen will not mess up your Device: It’s believed that the cracked screen will not cause or give rise to any other problem. But this is not the truth! A cracked screen can give rise to discoloration, text alignment issues, backlight problem, clarity issue and more. If your smartphone or tablet’s screen has cracked, it’s better to get it repaired immediately. You must act fast even if it’s a minor crack or scratch.
  3. Mobile Repair is a Costly Affair: Many people think that mobile repair is expensive but that’s not the case. Many repair vendors like Yaantra offer highly affordable mobile repair along with the warranty of up to 6 months and many other benefits.
  4. Repair Shops is a Lengthy Process: Everyone believes that mobile repair is a lengthy process that at least takes a week. You have to visit the shop for updates for days to get your phone back. Such things only add to the inconvenience. Visiting a professional and reputed repair vendor will save you from this inconvenience.
  5. Your Phone’s Shelf Life will Decrease after Repair: Yes, if an immature has performed the repair. Immature people do not have the right tools to perform the repair work and they might end up disturbing the factory settings. Experts at Yaantra, are good at their job and are equipped with right tools to perform any kind of repair work.
  6. Phone Repair is Easy: It’s definitely easy but only for the experts! Many times it’s seen that in order to repair the phone people take references from the online tutorials and end up creating more problems and losing the small components like nuts and bolts. If you are an expert at repairing and have the right set of tools then go ahead with the repair but if you don’t hold any prior experience in repair then leave the job for experts.

Visit the nearest Yaantra mobile repair shop for any type of mobile/tablet repair work. Following are the benefits of choosing Yaantra for mobile repair:

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