Mobile Repair or Resell: What to choose?

Mobile Repair or Resell: What to choose?

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We all have one or two smartphones that we do not use anymore because they either don’t function or they have lost their market value and no one wants to buy them! So, in such cases we are left with a few options, number one: keep them with you for life, number two: get them repaired and number three: sell them online! The latter two are somewhat practical plus lucrative while the first one is only space consuming! What if we tell you that Yaantra is that one place where you can get all your smartphone related queries resolved at a highly affordable price! At Yaantra, we repair damaged smartphones, buy non-functional/functional/old mobile phones at best market price and also sell refurbished variant of best-selling smartphones.

Read till the end to know about our repair and buyback services and choose wisely:

Why go for Yaantra Mobile Repair

Mobile Repair

If you wish to go for mobile repair then you have to indulge in the lengthy process of finding a reliable mobile repair vendor who has been in the business for long and is trusted! You can skip the exhausting process as Yaantra is there to the rescue! You can book our doorstep or lab repair service online to get your mobile phone’s screen battery, speaker, MIC replaced or repaired by the experts at best market price with warranty. Our repair service covers all branded smartphones and tablets. One can even book a doorstep mobile phone repair service wherein our best engineer will visit your preferred location to fix your damaged phone instantly in front of your eyes.

Advantages of choosing Yaantra Mobile Repair

  • Up to 6 Months Warranty
  • Repair by Certified Technicians
  • Affordable Repair
  • 100% Quality Spare Parts
  • All Brand Repair
  • Free Pick & Drop
  • Doorstep Repair

Why go for Yaantra Buy Back Service

Sell an Old Phone Online

If your mobile phone has turned non-functional or is old then these are the two things that you are likely to do! One is to keep it as an asset for your entire life and the other is to sell it online and use the money to fund the next purchase. One cannot get an old phone repaired because it’s often observed that spare parts for these phones are not easily available. Moreover, one can’t even use these old phones because in terms of technology they become obsolete and they are not compatible with the newly launched phones. In such cases, you can sell your old phone online at Yaantra at the best market price. One simply needs to download the Yaantra Phone Cash app and you are ready to sell that phone in just 60 seconds! It’s easy, quick and convenient.

Advantages of choosing Yaantra Buy Back Service

  • Objective Phone Health Analysis
  • Best Market Price Guarantee
  • 60 Seconds Process
  • Sell any Branded Phone

Yaantra is a place where all your smartphone requirements are fulfilled and you don’t even have to spend a fortune on them! You can buy a new phone, sell an old phone or can get your damaged phone fixed all under one roof. Yaantra currently offers its services in six cities across India: Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. See you at Yaantra!

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