Privacy and Security Features in a Smartphone: Everything You Need To Know

Privacy and Security Features in a Smartphone: Everything You Need To Know

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We all are well aware of the three basic necessities of life: roti, kapda aur makaan! But in recent times there has been a valuable addition to this list and that is a smartphone! Smartphones have become equally necessary for us as they carry our whole world in them, from the precious memories to the bank balance! More power, more features, and more smartness have on the side made them the smartest gadgets on earth but on the other hand have also made them more vulnerable! In the sense that, they are the newest sources to rob someone or to intrude someone’s private space. In most cases of cyber-crimes reported, it was found that the owner of the smart device neglected even the basic security features which caused him the trouble! Simple precautions and activation of some basic security features can avert the risk of getting hacked or cheated online.

Most people are not aware of the basic plus advanced security and privacy features that their device comes with and this ignorance often causes them trouble, deep trouble! Through this article let’s take you on a quick tour of the security features and where you can find them on your phone to save your personal information and data!

PIN LOCK – Well, it’s the easiest thing that you can do! Set up a PIN lock in your device as it can save you from a lot of unpleasant stuff. PIN lock is hard to decode until it’s the common 1234, 4321, or your date of birth! Unlike the biometrics that at times validate a similar looking face or fingerprint scans that at times don’t work accurately, PIN code unlock is bang on and works accurately every time.


Go to settings > Security and fingerprint > Screen Lock > PIN 

BIOMETRIC LOCK – Fingerprint scan, iris scan, voice recognition, and face unlock makes up for biometric security features in a smartphone. Biometric security is not a very secure way but it’s still better than having no security feature enabled in your phone. One thing that you need to take care of is that you have to enable one machine operative security lock in case the biometric stops working. Setting a parallel machine code saves you from the unfortunate times when no other security feature is functional due to any reason.


Go to Settings > Security & fingerprint > Fingerprint List > Add Fingerprint >

SAFE BROWSING – One’s browsing behavior determines whether one will ever get victimized on the internet or not! Browsing on ‘not secure’ platforms and websites can give the hackers an easy access to your device. When you are surfing on these unauthorized websites you and your data are at the mercy of the hacker. Here are some tips that can assist you in eliminating the risk to a significant level:


  • Bookmark the websites on which you visit regularly.
  • Use strong passwords and save the passwords only on a couple of trusted devices.
  • Websites with a green padlock are validated, so if it’s not green, don’t believe it!

APP PERMISSION – Admit it, you never read the terms and condition while downloading an app or software. You click on ‘agree’ where ever you find it and install it! Whenever you download an app you must spend a minute reading the terms and conditions. Plus, one should also not allow the app to access every folder in your smartphone. One should grant the app, permissions wisely.


SMART APP LOCK – Smartphones come with inbuilt app locking features that one can enable to keep the sensitive information secure. One must enable app lock on banking apps, gallery and chatting apps to keep the data and personal information safe.

Settings > Security & fingerprint > Privacy > App Locker > Unlock Selection > Pattern/PIN/Password

DOWNLOAD APPS FROM GOOGLE PLAY STORE OR APP STORE – One should also be very careful while downloading the apps. Play store is full of similar looking apps so it’s quite possible that you will be tricked among multiple websites. The most secure way in case of any confusion is to visit the official website of a brand and use the link that the brand has put up on its website.

TWO-STEP AUTHENTICATION – Two-step verification process in Gmail is often skipped by the users but one should not ignore it. Every time when you log in from a different desktop or device you will receive a one-time-password which means that even if anyone knows your password he/she will not be able to access it without the OTP.


CONNECT TO TRUSTED WI-FI NETWORKS – Another important thing that people often neglect is getting connected to public Wi-Fi! Well, yes it’s free but what costs will you pay to access free Wi-Fi for just a few minutes! One should avoid any banking activity on public Wi-Fi and if it’s very urgent, one should always process the payment through OTP.


UPDATE THE APPS REGULARLY – Regular app updates can fix small bug issues, so make it a habit to update all your most used apps, banking apps, and other important apps. Auto app updating is another feature but it will update those apps as well that you do not use regularly.

Go to Play Store > My Apps and Games > Updates

DECLUTTER YOUR PHONE – Decluttering is another best way to keep unauthorized intrusion at bay. One should spend some time in uninstalling the apps that one has not used for a long time.  Sorting up the photos and videos from the gallery is another essential step that can save your phone’s memory and is a hygienic practice to keep the phone going.


By following these few simple steps one can make one’s online presence safer and eliminate the risk of getting victimized in the virtual world. We all are always online enjoying and catching up with the friends and family but while doing so we do not pay attention to the smartphone and data security needs. Online transaction related frauds, identity theft, data theft, hacking, and all other online frauds can be reported to the nearest police station to the cyber cell department. For detailed information, one can read about the cyber laws in India on the official Government of India Website and for updates about Refurbished smartphones, newly launched mobiles, latest mobile phone repair offers stay tuned to



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