Reasons why people switch from Android to iOS: Latest trends mark iOS a winner in Android and iOS Battle

Reasons why people switch from Android to iOS: Latest trends mark iOS a winner in Android and iOS Battle

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The battle between Android and iOS is long fought and still, we have no clear winner! But the recent trend in user behavior and change in the interest of smartphone users are telling a different story, which is, that people are switching from Android OS to an iOS at a very fast pace. Many people made this shift in the recent past, some did it for a better user interface, some for quicker updates, some for better security features, some for app launches, while some just took the leap in peer pressure! On a serious note, Apple devices are currently in vogue, people are breaking up with their Android handsets for iPhones and the latest surveys plus quarterly revenue reports are a testament to the fact. iOS devices enjoy a different level of superiority and craziness which is strange yet exciting! The strange part is that Apple has a limited inventory of gadgets but due to the exclusivity of UI and other features iOS gadgets stand apart from the gigantic army of Android-based digital gadgets.

So, let’s find out what features attract an android admirer and what it gets when it plans to shift to iOS.

1. Quick App Updates and App Launches:

It’s a globally acknowledged fact that most applications are launched first on an App Store and later on Google’s Play Store. Even the app updates are regular on App store and not just that, the software updates too are frequent in an iPhone. Stylebook (a wardrobe assistant), Astropad Studio (Photoshop-like app to edit graphics), Airmail (support app for Gmail), and Deliveries (package tracking app) are some App store exclusive apps. Developers too are biased towards iPhones as the graphics quality and UI that an iOS offer is unmatchable.

2. Hard to crack security features:

iPhones are really secure in comparison to a normal Android smartphone. The best part about Apple devices be it iPhones, MAC books, iPod or more, is that they synch smoothly within their ecosystem and are really secure. It’s almost impossible to access the files and data from an iOS device without authorization. The messages one send’s using an iPhone are encrypted end-to-end, which means that your messages are really secure and only the receiver will be able to decode the message. An iPhone comes with many security features such as Touch ID, Face ID, passcode, plus apps like Safari and Maps will also keep your information secure related to the websites and places you visit online and offline respectively.

3. HD Camera:

iPhones come packed with powerful cameras that can click HD pictures. The quality of pictures clicked through an iPhone is much better than the picture clicked from an Android device. An iPhone’s camera is complemented by auxiliary features such as AI, panorama, real-time filters, beauty optimization feature, different modes and lots more.

Android & iOS smartphones

4. Different and friendly UI

When you move to an iPhone you get to experience an entirely different UI, and settings ecosystem. You will definitely need a day or two to explore all the features that an iPhone comes with.

5. Peer Pressure:

Well, there is no doubt that an iPhone is an iPhone and no other smartphone can match the level of craziness that people have for Apple devices! Even if in peer pressure you are switching from an Android to an iOS you will experience an interesting plus exciting structure and a new ecosystem to work with.

6. Swift Customer Support

One can reach out to the Apple customer support and a real human being will come to your assistance. If you need any support regarding the software, settings, or switching the data from an Android to an iPhone you can call their executives or chat with them online. Plus you can also download the apple support app where you can get help for any Apple device anytime. This swiftness and one window grievance handling or query management system are not available for Android devices due to the vastness.

7. It’s Green Technology

An interesting thing that you might not know about Apple iPhone is that all the Apple device owners are producing less carbon footprint than a normal Android user. When an iPhone user uses Facetime, iMessage or communicates with Siri, all these communications are managed by Apple Data Servers that run on renewable energy. So, having an iPhone is not just a smart choice it’s an environment-friendly choice too!

All the above-stated bullets are some common reasons behind the popularity of iOS devices specifically the iPhones. People are switching from android to iPhone allot lately, but that doesn’t mean you that Androids are a passé now! Android phones too offer a great UI, are budget-friendly, comes with wide design choices, and advanced features, which means that


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