Save Mother Earth – Recyle and Refurb!

Save Mother Earth – Recyle and Refurb!

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We are living in a generation where E-waste is one of the most rapidly growing environmental threats, which can soon prove to be disastrous if not looked upon immediately. India is likely to generate 5.2 million metric tonnes of E-waste per annum by 2020, from the current level of 1.8 million tonnes, growing 30% annually, the study by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India-cKinetics said.  


Do you have any idea of how frequently an individual changes his/her smartphone? A new flagship comes out every 6 months! But do you actually buy a new phone every few months? Well, many people do! With the entry of a new mobile phone in your life, the old one gets lost somewhere, either in a drawer eating up dust or in the shop where you just sold it for a few bucks! In order to contribute towards the environment, the E-waste is utilized in a plethora of ways where the working parts can be recycled to make refurb products which have a high demand in the tech market.

To give our beloved smartphone a new life, we can simply get it recycled and refurbished by experts and qualified technicians. With this we can also contribute our bit towards the environment by recycling the E-waste. 

Recycle and Refurb

In the near future if you are planning to sell your phone, then you should sell it via easy modes like Yaantra’s Phone Cash App, where you can sell your used phone for best prices. Also, if you wish to save money, then you can buy a certified refurbished smartphone by Yaantra which is as good as a new one! 

Yaantra company is putting-in efforts to contribute towards the environment by purchasing the old/used phones, and getting them recycled or refurbished so that they can be sold again. This helps in secondary rotation of old devices and this way our precious environment can be saved! 

Hope the next time when you go out to sell your device, the thought of saving your planet comes in your mind and you go for recycling refurbishing the E-waste.      


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