Sell your Phone for Cash within 60 Seconds!

Sell your Phone for Cash within 60 Seconds!

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Your old phone is still a piece of gold! Here’s how!

Sell your old smartphone at Yaantra and get the best price in return! You just need to download the Yaantra BuyBack App which is available on Play Store and App Store for free. The app will evaluate your smartphone on multiple parameters, and after the evaluation, you will be offered the best price for it.

Here is how you can sell your old phone for cash in 60 seconds!

Step 1: Download Yaantra BuyBack App for Android smartphones from Play Store and iPhones from iTunes.

Step 2: Grant the app permission to access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Camera and Mic recorder. Plus, you also need to plug in the charger, earphones and enable the GPS. You can select the brand and model of your smartphone manually or can choose an auto-detect option, wherein the app will detect the brand/model automatically.

Step 3: The app will evaluate your phone’s condition by checking out the Bluetooth, network, camera, GPS, speaker, vibration, microphone and other components to give it a health score.

Step 4: Following the health score you will be asked to rate the cosmetic condition of your phone in A, B, C or D category. You should select A if it’s flawless and B, C or D in case your phone has scratches or dents on the body.

Step 5: All the inputs that you have shared will be evaluated and you will be offered the best market price for your phone instantly.

Step 6: If you choose to sell the device, Yaantra executive will reach your location in 24 to 48 hours to pick up the device and offer you cash in return.

Other options you have in the market!

You can explore various buying and selling websites online, but the catch here is that they lack a transparent evaluation methodology. Their evaluation process is not reliable as at times they use some irrelevant parameters and offer lesser price! In all such cases, you will not get the best value for your phone. If you are dealing offline with an individual who is interested in buying the device, you have to negotiate the price and still, there is no guarantee that he/she will not turn down the deal! Associating with the local mobile retailers is again not a great idea! Most retailers do not evaluate the phone and offer you the price on the basis of a phone’s cosmetic condition. Both the offline and online means involve a lot of steps, are lengthy, and do not guarantee the best price!

Why is Yaantra the best place to sell your old/used phone?

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Yaantra offers you a quick, hassle-free and transparent platform to sell your old smartphone from the comfort of your home. Yaantra BUYBACK App is a much faster, much convenient and much lucrative alternative that you must consider over writing classifieds and trying your luck in the offline market. At Yaantra, if you choose to sell the device, we will arrange device pickup from your location for free. The deal is closed once the cash is transferred to you and the device is received by Yaantra executive in the condition as mentioned by the owner.

Yaantra BuyBack has made selling an old phone convenient, quick, and secure!

So, what are you waiting for SELL NOW!!

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