Tips to keep the Data & Device safe while using Public Wi-Fi

Tips to keep the Data & Device safe while using Public Wi-Fi

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We all love free public Wi-Fi, don’t we? But as said ignorance is bliss till you hit the reality! In the coffee shop, at a relative’s place, in the train, in the office, in the mall while shopping, you are only seeking a free Wi-Fi network. Because you cannot miss out on the latest posts, tweets, and pictures from your social media accounts! But there are a few things that you need to be sure about before you log in to the public network. Such free public networks are used by many people but some smart folks who are experts at technology can use it to peek into your device and access your data. Public Wi-Fi has led to an increase in cyber-crime but with a little caution, we can keep cyber-attacks at bay!

Scroll down to find out the do’s and don’ts while using a public Wi-Fi:


  • Don’t do internet/mobile banking: A hacker can easily intrude all the devices present in a public network. He can also access your password, PIN and other sensitive information in order to make transactions from your account!
  • Don’t stay connected for hours: Log out immediately after doing an important work. The longer you are on a network the more vulnerable your device becomes.
  • Don’t change/save passwords while operating on other networks
  • Don’t shop online on public Wi-Fi
  • Don’t download apps from public Wi-Fi: It’s quite possible that you might end up downloading unwanted and malicious apps.  
  • Don’t send emails with sensitive information attached
  • Don’t connect with suspicious networks: If you are at some public place like café or mall etc. your phone will catch many networks with the name of that particular place but it’s hard to find out which one is legitimate. Suffix like official or the networks with café’s or mall’s name can be confusing. In such cases, it’s better to ask the staff or guards for help.
  • Don’t share important files, pictures, and folders over a public network: Your private information and pictures can be used to blackmail you or to put you in trouble.


  • Simply surf the internet for information or directions
  • Use it only if it’s very necessary
  • Turn off automatic connection
  • Always use secure web pages
  • Find out the legitimate network name
  • Turn on the firewall

Such attempts of intrusion with an aim of data theft can take place easily on a public network. These attacks can bring down your device and can cause system hang, abrupt switch off and more such software problems. You will then have to look out for an iOS or android repair center to get your phone repaired. Yaantra advises its customers to be a little cautious while using a public Wi-Fi. In case your device develops a software problem after being on a public network then feel free to visit the nearest Yaantra repair center as we are experts at phone software repair.

We need to act smarter than our smartphone when we are out in public else our phone will put us in trouble. So next time don’t be joyful if you come across a free public Wi-Fi BE CAREFUL!

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