Why Sell Old Phones Online?

Why Sell Old Phones Online?

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Are you planning to spend all your savings on a newly launched smartphone that has a fancy display and never before seen or heard specifications? If yes then you must have thought of selling your old phone for a good price and then use that money to fund your next purchase! Sounds a great idea, but you first need to find someone who is interested in your device and is ready to give you the best price for it! Mind you, this is a tough task but going online can be easy and rewarding!

Internet has many websites that offer best price for used devices. You will come across multiple websites that will claim to offer you the highest price and a convenient process but when you start the process you come across various hidden clauses and negotiations happening on the price. We at Yaantra, offer convenient services, quick process, and best price through our Yaantra Phone Cash App.    

  • Selling is convenient here!

Selling an old smartphone online is a quick and convenient process at Yaantra. One does not need to waste hours on it. We have made the selling of a used smartphone easy with our recently launched BuyBack App. The BuyBack App evaluates a phone’s health in two ways, one is the automatic and the other is the manual mode. Automatic as the name suggests automatically detects the phone’s model, and analyze the working of other components by accessing them one by one. Whereas in the manual mode one needs to fill in the details about the phone manually depending on which the phone’ scorecard along with its best price is revealed to the user.   

  • Get Best Price

Buy Back App offers the best price after closely analyzing the phone’s health score. Price differs in cases of manual information filling as its dependent on how objectively one has answered the details requested.

  • Get Paid @ your Doorstep

What makes the whole process so much more convenient is the doorstep service. If one agrees to sell the phone for the offered price, his/her phone will be taken from their doorstep for free in 24 to 48 hours. The person will receive the price in the same visit when one hands over the device to our executive. 

  • Sell your Phone in 60 Seconds!

Yaantra BuyBack app has made the process so quick that one can finish all the levels of analysis in just 60 seconds and reach the final stage where one gets the best price for an old phone.  

  • Proper Valuation Guaranteed

The process is completely trustworthy as it does not involve any manual intervention and all the assessment is done by the App accurately and objectively. The only time manual intervention comes in the process is when the user put in the details manually. In such cases, the price can vary and in case of discrepancy the executive may also turn down the deal.   

Selling an old phone online is a quick and convenient process. One can put a device on sale anytime from the convenience of one’s home, and in a few clicks he/she gets the best price! From now on do remember that Yaantra is the only online destination that enables one to sell one’s old phone for a great price.   

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