Yaantra: A One-Stop Mobile Repair Center for all Smartphones and Tablets

Yaantra: A One-Stop Mobile Repair Center for all Smartphones and Tablets

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We all carry smartphones by different brands, these phones can interact well in another brand’s ecosystem smoothly through features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS. One can even share another brand’s accessories such as charger, USB cables, and earphones, but when it comes to repairing one only gets entertained at one’s specific brand’s service center which, mind you, is a very lengthy process! To get a repair task done one has to roll up one’s sleeves and socks to look out for an authorized plus reliable repair center!

The emergence of one-stop-phone repair centers like Yaantra is a breakthrough invention that has made repair a much more affordable and convenient affair. Yaantra is a one-stop mobile repair center that caters to one’s mobile needs related to a new purchase or repair of an existing device. Such one-stop shops offer affordable mobile phone repair services for all the brands.

Maybe the idea of a one-repair shop for all the branded smartphones and tablets might sound strange or hard to believe but the fact of the matter is that such centers offer the best and instant services. These one-stop centers are well-equipped plus are backed by a fleet of certified technicians which makes them highly reliable and because they don’t deal exclusively in one brand they are affordable too.

Convenient and Affordable:

Convenient and Affordable Repair

We at Yaantra, offer doorstep and lab repair services at affordable prices. Our services come with many benefits like after repair warranty, facility to check the status of the damaged device online, repair by certified technicians and lots more. Under our doorstep mobile repair service, one will be paid a visit by a certified Yaantra technician who will conduct the repair in front of the owner. The lab repair service, on the other hand, is another convenient way to get that damaged device fixed by the technicians. Under this service, the damaged phone will be taken from your preferred location to be brought to the nearest repair center and after the repair, the phone will be delivered to the customer’s location.

Caters to every Brand:

All Brand Repair

Single-window repair centers like ours are equipped with the right tools to perform the repair for any branded smartphone. Our team of technicians is trained to dismantle different phones and resolve all the faults with utmost precision. We are an all phone repair service center. At Yaantra, we conduct Samsung, Lenovo, Apple, Xiaomi, Asus, Sony, Motorola, Micromax, Gionee, OnePlus, HTC, Vivo, Oppo, and Nokia smartphone repair at best market price.

Certified Technicians:

Certified Technicians

We are well-equipped in every manner be it the skilled manpower or the availability of tools/dedicated labs to perform the repair tasks. Focusing on the manpower our single-window set-up deploys skilled mobile repair technicians who have been working in the same domain for years and have the right skills to perform the task. These experienced technicians are also aware of the latest tech innovations done on devices and how to resolve the faults that occur in them.

Hi-Tech Labs:

Hi-Tech Labs

Different phones have different mechanisms and to perform any repair, one needs to have the right equipment to dismantle the device and again assemble it. We have hi-tech labs which accommodate all the tools and spare parts required to perform repair or replacement on any phone by any brand.

Online Mobile Repair:

Online Mobile Repair

One can book a repair service from the comfort of their bedroom with just a click. We have dedicated web-pages for mobile repair on our website that allows one to choose the model and type of repair one wishes to book in just a few clicks. One can also check out the estimated cost of repair on our website.

Up to 6 Months Warranty:

Up to 6 Months Warranty

The local repair shops do not offer ‘after repair warranty’. But brands we offer up to 6 months warranty which means that you are already covered for any inconvenience that may arise after the repair.

One can conveniently book a screen repair, motherboard repair, MIC/speaker repair at best market price online. Simply log in to yaantra.com to explore the repair services and estimate cost of repair for any branded smartphone or tablet. You can also check out the inventory of top-selling refurbished smartphones at highly affordable prices. Our repair services can be booked in the following cities: Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai. So, don’t wait, book a repair now because

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